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04 - 25
The intrinsic value of handmade wooden clogs
In an era when consumers buy goods produced in large quantities on machines, skilled hand-made products have become a well-known art form.Until the 19th century, shoemaking was a traditional handicraft worldwide. But by the end of this century, this process has been mechanized and carried out in lar
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03 - 25
How to match clogs and jumpsuits?
The reason for the rapid rise of jumpsuits in spring fashion styles is obvious.They can be easily completed from head to toe.Its dress is simple but never plain, and it has an incredible ability to dress up or dress up.However, in order to get the best look, there are some important factors to consi
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01 - 10
The benefits of buying handmade wooden clogs
In the series where we continue to discuss the benefits of buying handmade products, the most important thing is sustainability.When you put yourself, time and talents into handicrafts, you tend to pay great attention to the materials used in its construction.This is why we prefer vegetable tanned l
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12 - 22
From tall clogs to flat clogs: how to create the hottest shoe trend?
Women's shoes have their own unique history. With the cyclicality of fashion, styles may quickly "pop" and "fall out of favor". However, when considering what to wear, some options never seem to disappear from the forefront of possibilities.It usually starts and ends with shoes, which not only provi
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02 - 24
2019 Trend: How To Wear Women Clogs Shoes
Clogs are the kind of polarizing footwear that can divide an entire room — or an entire fashion team. For those who love them, it's not just about style, but also how comfortable they can be. For others, they're simply too clunky and hard-to-style to buy into.
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