From tall clogs to flat clogs: how to create the hottest shoe trend?
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From tall clogs to flat clogs: how to create the hottest shoe trend?

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Women's shoes have their own unique history. With the cyclicality of fashion, styles may quickly "pop" and "fall out of favor". However, when considering what to wear, some options never seem to disappear from the forefront of possibilities.

It usually starts and ends with shoes, which not only provides the finishing touch to the selected ensemble, but also provides the finishing touch to its personality. A pair of women's shoes can project her views on the day's plan, how strict her activities may be, and even the impression she wants to make. Is the root of this consideration high heels or flat shoes?

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The minimalist charm of the iconic clogs silhouette may remain low-key, but its versatility and comfort have left a deep impression. At the same time, the high-tube clogs depict an aura of control and refinement as the ultimate manifesto of female power. High heels mean business, both at work and in activities. However, by maintaining the height of the heel and making it stronger, high-heeled clogs become more practical and wear-resistant.

Regardless of the final decision, the real value lies in how the style makes you feel and how to project that feeling.


How to maximize their impact?

If you are wearing skirts or skirts of longer length, please wear high clogs. If you are wearing a miniskirt or dress above the knee, please wear flat clogs. When choosing what to wear, this rule of thumb will ensure accurate proportions.

The navy blue skirt with flat clogs looks very fashionable. Pair it with a flowing top with a bold print. To enhance the elegance of a pair of high-tube clogs, you might as well pair it with a chic midi skirt and a structured top.

Finally, the accessory that best matches a pair of clogs-no matter how high the heel is, it is self-confidence, and it will never go out of style.

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