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Indian Client

The client is a commodity wholesaler. We met at Spring Canton Fair in May 2013. His salesman visited our booth to acquire brief knowledge of material and unit price the first day of Canton Fair. In the third day, the salesman came with sourcing manager and boss to select styles and discussed details with us. At the end of the Canton Fair, we closed the deal and started our initial cooperation. Then we learned from our competitor that the client worked with him for three years. Each year he only placed one order with a quantity of 40*HQ container. In fact, the first order we received was one 40*HQ container of flip flops, just the same as our competitor. Our client didn’t arrange the third-party inspection and only asked us to prepare an inspection report by our own QC Department. 

The next year, our client placed another 40*HQ container order. After receiving the goods, he sent an email to tell us that the quality of mass production was quite good. What surprised us most is that he suddenly placed two more orders in the third year, which is February 2015. It was an irregular date with double quantity. We didn’t fail the clients by delivering the goods on schedule. In the same year Spring Canton Fair, the client placed an order with 5*40HQ and another one with 3*40HQ in November. We’ve received total 10*40HQ from customers until 2015, which is a huge increase. 

The client placed 12*40HQ in 2016, 13*40HQ in 2017 and 8*40HQ in May 2018. In August, the client added another 8*40HQ even if we had 3*40HQ unshipped. From 1*40HQ/year to the current 16*40HQ/year, a total quantity of 1 million pairs, we have won the trust and built stable relationship through our integrity and high-quality products. 

Dutch Client

We met at the GDS Exhibition in March 2014. The client purchased for mid- and high-end brand stores. At that time, we’ve already had a design team. The styles of the slippers we exhibited were developed by our design team and sampled by our own factory. The client was very interested in our slippers. After the talk, the client picked some of our products together with the slippers that was produced in Dongguan, Guangdong. He required us to arrange a sample order. We arranged the sample order immediately once we came back to China. The client suddenly told us that he would visit our company in May. We showed the samples to the client the day he visited our company. He was very satisfied. In October, the client placed the first order including five styles with a small quantity for each style. But we won’t let the quantity disappoint us and still take the order quite seriously. After the order was completed, the client conducted the quality inspection on almost all of mass production goods. Nearly all of goods were qualified. Only one style had a small problem which we quickly modified and got inspected again. After receiving the goods, the customer was still very satisfied with our quality and placed most of his orders on us since the second year. Until now, we are still good partners who trust each other.

US Clients

We met at Autumn Canton Fair in November 2015. The client is a retailer who places small orders and requires fast delivery. The clients participated Canton Fair to find sports shoes suppliers. When visiting our booth, they were attracted by a pair of shoes that combined with many sports elements. Later, they selected five products and placed orders. After nearly three months, we received feedback from our clients. One of our products were sold very well, so they placed another order with larger quantity. At the same time, we designed another three different styles which derived from one style for our clients, all of which enjoyed great popularity in their market. Since then, we have frequently communication with each other to grab the popular styles in the current market so that we could offer the most trending design and help to improve the sales revenues. Now our clients visit us three or four times every year and always give high approvals for our designs. Step by step, we always try to be better and aim to have further cooperation with our clients.

Haitian Client

The first contact started from Alibaba.com in 2015. The salesman got our factory address through our store on Alibaba.com. He visited the factory and the sample room directly and then asked us to make a quotation. However, we didn’t reach an agreement on price. After the first meeting, we continuously adjusted our products according to his expected price and sent samples to him for confirmation. The customer was very surprised when receiving the sample because he never thought that we still had the possibility to cooperate.

We modified the sample again to meet his requirement and finally closed the deal. After half a year, our company received another sourcing requirement and offered customized design for reference. In the next year, the client placed one order every season.Until 2017, we have received five orders. With the increasing orders, we have obtained the trust by showing our dependability and reliability.

Philippine Client

We met at Autumn Canton Fair in November 2017. The customer is a wholesaler for all footwears. The client picked several styles but we didn’t reach an agreement on price. After two-day communication, we closed the deal by modifying the styles and unit price. Later, the client had some doubts for our mass production. We gave the most professional advice based on years of experience. Clients were very satisfied and praised our client-oriented service. The initial cooperation was very successful, because hot weather in Philippine keeps the demand for slippers all year round. One month later, we asked about whether our slippers were sold well or not and took the initiative to recommend the latest designed styles suitable for Philippine market, which led to the second cooperation. Finally, we decided to build a design team who particularly design for Philippine market and offer customized style for our client to select.

The cooperation process is: design – select the style – sampling – production. Our cooperation goes through the whole year. Always to be a reliable partner and business booster!

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