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Reliable Quality
Quality can only be achieved through the pursuit of excellence, advanced techniques and best team. From raw materials, manufacturing and packaging, Ories puts all the manufacturing processes under its supervision and conducts quality checks at each step of the manufacturing process.
 Ories provides customers with complete product confirmation for every order.
 Ories offers the suppliers confirmed samples of every style of slippers clients ordered and the whole package to assure no unnecessary mistake.
 The material of mass production is strictly in accordance with sample production. The similarity must be over 90% otherwise reprepare the material.
 If you have any environmental protection requirements, Ories will actively cooperate with you and send raw materials to test.
 The first day of product assembly, QC will supervise the process and control the quality problem at the source.
 When the procedure of mass production is 30%, 60%, 100%, QC will do random checking if there is any problem with the quality at the scene.
 Once the mass production is complete, whether the client sends his own QC to inspect on the goods or not, our QC will do the final random checking before goods are shipped, and an internal inspection report will be issued to the relevant salesman after the inspection. If QC find any problem, Ories will let the supplier reproduce.
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