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Ories is easy but in pursuit of Perfection.
There are many things that may be very simple in our life, such as a pair of slippers.
In most time, we do not pay attention to the slippers, but we always want them to give us more special
experience when we need to use them.
This special experience contains comfortable, fashion, personalized and convenient feelings. 
Ories is such a brand business which pursues the slippers perfect experience for users.
Ories believe that if we want to let the slippers have good performances to give the customers good experience, then we need to do the following things: 
First of all is comfort. Slippers can use in many situation of our daily life. For example, house life, outdoor travel, outdoors wear style and so on. But whatever in any one of these situations, we normally want the slippers can give us a relax comfortable feeling and are suitable enough when we wear them. So Ories pays more attention to the users comfortable experience of products. Every pair of suppliers will through many complex design processes, at the beginning it just is a design drawing, then it becomes simple, and finally becomes the end product. We will let different kinds of persons to try the slippers and gather their various experiences. At the same time, we will carry on the multi-dimensional product development according to the foot type of different ethnic groups. Which is in order to meet the comfortable needs of all kinds of people when wearing slippers. 
Slipper is more than just a kind of temporary usage products, in many tropical country, it is also one of the daily necessities. So how to let users feel comfortable, but also can ensure the health of the foot, knee, waist, spine and other parts of body is also a standard that Ories pursues. 
Every year, ORIES will invest a lot of money in product upgrading and developmen. From the ground feedback to the foot decompression, finally is the physical health, we all hire the industry experts to discuss with us and join our product research & development team to meet our needs for the ultimate experience of the product.
Of course, good comfort performance is also closely related to the product quality. Our pursuit of product quality is extreme. So we will require Ories team with a very strict standard in raw materials, production process, packaging and after-sale, to ensure that each pair of slippers that we produce and sell meets the highest standard in the industry. Besides, let customers feel comfortable when buying our slippers is also one of our standard and requirement for product comfort experience.
Additionally, ORIES thinks that slippers also can become very fashion. It means that if a pair slippers is good enough, it even can lead to a trend of wearing and matching.
So Ories pays more attention to the design of the appearance of the product. So as to meet the needs of people for the individuation of fashion. The Ories has a very professional design team that collects a lot of market information every year to understand the fashion style of the different countries. Then integrate some of the current and fashionable elements into the product's design. Ories will roll out 10-20 new styles products in each year. Each product will have at least three or more colors to be replaced to meet the users’ requirements for wearing and their ultimate pursuit of individuation. Leading the fashion trend of slippers is a goal we have always been.
Furthermore, the ultimate user experience comes from environmental protection. We do not want a pair of our slippers become a kind of garbage or be abandoned by users after use. Which will increasing the burden of society. So what Ories is pursuing also includes the service life of the product and the possibility of environmental protection recycling. If we want to increase the use life of the products, we must should have high requirements for the product quality. Besides it must should be durable but can not separate from users’ aesthetic habits. This is a very difficult topic to overcome. Therefore, Ories will consider how to maintain the classic design of the product while making the product more durable. So Ories has invested a lot of money in the pursuit of product quality. We have our own production base, high-standard production equipment. Besides, we used environmentally-friendly and recyclable materials when choose for the products raw materials, so that every pair of slippers can accompany consumption for a longer time.
Of course, the ultimate user experience also includes a strong service system. While consumers are assured of buying, our dealers can be more at ease and our customers can be more comfortable. This also is what Ories pursues. Many merchants will have product selection issues when selling products, or hope to get more support during the sales process, so Ories has a very strong sales support team. We will provide our partners with a series of services, such as new product recommendations, sales poster design, sales display rack supply, product packaging design, and marketing support. These efforts are designed to allow users to find Ories products faster, and to make our partners sale products easier in the market.
Ories think in the future, we will continue to let our products be more perfect, make more special design, carry on the environment measures through each process, give the best services for customers. Ories believes after these things, our customers can get the best use experience. Our slippers will bring more valuable things, and we also will pursue our dream to give more customers the best products and services. We hope that there will have more partners to join us, and let more customers feel our original intention.
Ories Founder Story:
Introduction about Founder:

The Time of the Students -- Business is the production of slippers.
Mr. Lin was born in a family which mainly produce slippers, and the members of the family are working related to the slippers. Because the people around him are all working related to the slippers, in addition to the do the daily study, he usually helped parents package the products. It was a little tired, but very happy. Because his family’s income is mainly from father’s slipper factory. It also allowed Mr. Lin to have some general knowledge about the production process of the slippers.
We Need to Have Different Experiences in Our Life
-- Foreign Trade Work in Shanghai

After graduated from college, Mr. Lin went to Shanghai to pursue his dream. At that year, he found a work about foreign trade, then he began to connect with foreign customers. Then he noticed that China rapid development is inseparable from the rise of the foreign trade industry. After China join into the WTO, China had become the world factory. A large number of products started to export aboard and many foreign buyers started to find the good suppliers in China. This was an opportunity, but also was a challenge. The competition of the market become more fierce. If we want to win in the market, we need to have our own core-competitiveness. This also let Mr.Lin have a new understanding of business.
Inherit the Family Business, Heritage But Not Traditional
-- Back to the Family Business

After working outside for a few years later, due to the responsibility and family requirements, Mr.Lin returned to his hometown and inherited the family business. Slippers production and processing, which work amoug one decade, it was very boring and faced many problems. With the development of the Chinese start-up, each business had many same occupations, thus making the market competition become more and more intense. At the same time, Chinese companies had to face a series of other challenges. For example, the cost of labor was upgrade, foreign buyers bargain with the price, and the internet development, which let Mr.Lin began to think another question. How did the foreign suppliers do that can get the profits so easily and get a large number of loyal buyers. But Chinese business should low down the products quality to get a few profits in this market competition. So Mr.Lin went aboard to have a study, and according to it, Mr.Lin realized that if traditional business want to solve the problems, the only way is to create their own business brand.
Focus on the Products, Satisfy Customers Requirements
-- The Beginning of the Brand

Mr.Lin thinks that any brand needs to pay attention on user experience. A pair of slippers has its own requirements according to the user experience. Many people’s pursuit of slippers is not just a wearable product. Many overseas consumers have various requirements for the user experience of slippers. In overseas and even in the Hong Kong and Taiwan, many slippers can range from ten to dozens of dollars. However, at that time many Chinese factory don’t consider too many, they only thought how to get the few profits through the easy produce process. So the price differences between here and aboard is decided on the brand value. But it is too hard for us to establish one of our own brand. So Mr.Lin began to go aboard and take a study for the foreign markets, and got a large number of customers feed back. When he back home, he thought how to change the traditional slipper produce process. According to the feedbacks and consideration, Mr.Lin finally realized that if we want to establish a good brand for ourselves, we need to pursure the user experience. Since that time, Ories, a company which focus on user experience founded.
Pursure the Best Users Experience
-- A Wonderful Life Will Begin From Feet

Mr.Lin led his team to start a new product design, and all product design will be based on the requirements of users. A good quality pair of slippers should be comfortable, healthy, environmentally friendly, fashionable and meet other needs of users. On this basis, Mr.lin and Ories teams carried out product development. Which is according to ergonomics and other dimensions to consider and solve the problem that how can we do to let the users wear more comfortable. And how to solve the comfort requirements for different foot types in different people. At the same time, a large amount of money has been invested to upgrade factory equipment, hired a large number of outstanding designers, developed a series of new products, and the product quality requirements are generally higher than other person of the same occupation. Because we know good products are the core factor of a good brand . At the same time, because users have more and more personalized requirements for slippers, the Ories team will launch 10-20 models with more than 3 colors every year. Committed to creating the ultimate user experience. The wonderful experience will start from both feet and has become the brand proposition of Ories.
Promote Ideas, Seek Cooperation
--- Let More People Join Ories

A good brand should have more people to promote and support it. A good product also needs the supports from more markets. Mr.Lin and his Ories team start to find the high quality cooperators from aboard to work together with us to research and develop the better slipper products. Therefore, Ories begin to find the business from all over the world. What we hope is that we can work together with our cooperators to produce the products with better quality. From sale to brand, our purpose is no more than getting profits. How to create more good recognized products, achieve more persons’ dreams and our social value are the things that Mr.Lin pursues nowadays. Mr.Lin thinks that many wonderful feelings in our daily life are from some very simple things. However, these simple things are not so easy to achieve, they always have been incorporated into the efforts of several generations. Besides, a great thing must require more people to make him become much greater. So we hope everyone who like to design, like the slippers and want to have a wonderful life can join Ories, let us work together to promote this simple but meaningful brand ideas, pursue much greater brand of slippers.
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