The intrinsic value of handmade wooden clogs
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The intrinsic value of handmade wooden clogs

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In an era when consumers buy goods produced in large quantities on machines, skilled hand-made products have become a well-known art form.

Until the 19th century, shoemaking was a traditional handicraft worldwide. But by the end of this century, this process has been mechanized and carried out in large factories, thereby eliminating the individuality and distinctive characteristics of handmade products.

Why is handmade so important?

Handmade products, especially clogs, are usually more numerous and pay more attention to details. In addition, it is important to buy handmade products because:

1. Hand-made is "new manufacturing". Craftsmanship encompasses human potential and gives individuals a voice they might not otherwise have. Buying handmade products is an affirmation and continuation of the human voice. Each curve and corner translated into a pair of clogs is not only a symbol of Swedish tradition, but also a multi-generational heritage of a family making clogs.


2. It is human nature to value creativity. Whether it is the texture of the natural materials used, the eye-catching colors, or the feeling of clogs when worn; clogs made as the expression of the manufacturer are more valuable than the items pulled from the conveyor belt of the machine.

3. Handmade products cannot be copied. Although we may show similar styles of clogs in our collection, no two styles are exactly the same. It is these changes that enhance the characteristics and appeal of our clogs and make them unique.

4. Handmade products are green. Compared with mass production assembly lines, work done manually requires less energy, which makes it more environmentally sustainable.

These four reasons sum up that handicrafts are one of the most important traditions. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself.

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