2019 Trend: How To Wear Women Clogs Shoes
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2019 Trend: How To Wear Women Clogs Shoes

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2019 Trend: How To Wear Women Clogs Shoes 

Clogs are the kind of polarizing footwear that can divide an entire room — or an entire fashion team. For those who love them, it's not just about style, but also how comfortable they can be. For others, they're simply too clunky and hard-to-style to buy into. Well, this winter clogs with heels are the 2018 footwear trend that even the staunchest critics may have to consider. With the proliferation of ugly sneakers, open-toed mules, strappy platformed sandals, and even hiking boots, it was only a matter of time before clogs too resurfaced as footwear worth breaking out.


Still not convinced? If you're wondering exactly how to get on board with the trend this winter, below you'll find outfit inspiration that will help you feel a little more comfortable making them your go-to fall shoe. A heeled clog is dressier than other "ugly" footwear like Birkenstocks, but thanks to their wood platform, they still attain a casual daytime vibe. So, while you may not want to break them out for a black tie event, they're an ideal daytime choice that you can easily wear to brunch or the office: Style them with a bohemian maxi dress, simple pair of jeans, or even tailored, cropped trousers; they're refreshingly versatile for being such a statement-making shoe.


To really sell you on the comfortable footwear trend, check out three ways to wear them along with the shopping options to help you finally just embrace the fact that yes, you can pull them off and maybe you are a clogs person after all.

There's a reason people don't wear scrunchies anymore. It's giant wad of fabric on your head. Kind of like a weird little hat. But inevitably, months later, the American Apparel ads and people on the L train wear me down and I catch myself thinking, "Huh, this is cute and quirky. Maybe I could look okay in it." From scrunchies to jellies to floral jumpers, if I haven't tried them myself, I've eventually come around. Now, I'm coming around to clogs — and not just because Vogue said this:


It’s the shoe for those of us who appreciate the lines of a mule (the added length to the leg, the exposed ankle-bone) combined with the cavalier demeanor of a spa sandal. These are not the crocs of Mario Batali, not a flash-in-the-pan hashtag-emblazoned trend — these are the shoes of indisputably epic summer style icons from Jane Birkin to Marcia Brady: the lower-leg equivalent of a bronzed shoulder peeking out of a peasant blouse, an ankle reveal between a cropped jean and a classic clog.

Yes, forget the fact that you wore the Payless Shoes kind in fifth grade, and be fearless — like clog-wearing Kate Moss. Here are a few outfit ideas for pulling off the no-longer-fugly footwear.


Pair them with skinny jeans to balance out your silhouette


Clogs Shoes

Toughen up a sweet dress


clogs shoes amazon

Show off your legs on the Street


clogs shoes for nurses

With a knee-length skirt, wear daintier clogs


clogs shoes near me

Choose clog sandals if you don't want a super-heavy shoe

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