The benefits of buying handmade wooden clogs
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The benefits of buying handmade wooden clogs

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In the series where we continue to discuss the benefits of buying handmade products, the most important thing is sustainability.

When you put yourself, time and talents into handicrafts, you tend to pay great attention to the materials used in its construction.

This is why we prefer vegetable tanned leather because it uses a similar "handmade" method. Of course, all the wooden wooden soles in our catalog are made of natural basswood or Spanish pine.


The selection of these high-quality materials provides support for other craftsmen. These skills are still an indispensable part of modern society through the purchase of handmade products. With the advancement of technology, we are facing the loss of these skills that may lead to the demise of handicrafts. The most worrying thing is the loss of cultural identity.

It has already happened. According to Smithsonian Magazine, there are only about 30 Dutch clogs manufacturers remaining. "Despite their iconic appearance and important role in Dutch history, wooden clogs are made for tourists, not for everyday wear," the article said. "Although multi-generational clog manufacturers have passed on their art, fewer and fewer people are interested in a craft that seems doomed to fail."


Although Swedish clogs have undergone a reshaping and consolidated their relevance in modern fashion, we at Ores recognize the importance of sustainability.

By hand-forging our clogs and choosing materials purchased by craftsmen who share our values, we are celebrating our life culture. This is about people, not machines. This is about mindfulness of time and energy, and the skills of our clog maker.

Clogs, and everything they represent, seem to become active when they are worn.

And all this is because we prefer hand-made clogs. Now, are you ready to start exploring the world of handmade wooden clogs?

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