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01 - 25
Korean slippers culture
In South Korea, both men, women and children like to wear slippers, especially because of the simple and generous design, they are also called national slippers and are loved by the Korean people.In the early 1970s, Korea began to implement the "indoor shoes" system, especially in schools, students
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12 - 19
Best shoes for spring
There are too many reasons to look forward to the arrival of spring: the sky is getting longer and longer, the birds begin to chir, and the cold weather gradually disappears, replaced by sunlight, green grass and clear blue sky. As the weather gets warmer, outdoor picnics, junior league matches and
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12 - 16
7 tips for becoming sophisticated when wearing flip-flops
Wearing flip-flops is either the pinnacle of fashion or a major faux pas. But sometimes, casual shoes can be the highlight of your outfit with just a little help.If you want to know how to design casual flip flops, we have prepared the perfect guide for you. Whether you want to create that beach-sty
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08 - 16
How To Choose High Quality Slippers
Slippers are a kind of shoes. They are often used in the summer, or indoors, in the shower, on the beach, and in specific places.
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