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Best shoes for spring

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There are too many reasons to look forward to the arrival of spring: the sky is getting longer and longer, the birds begin to chir, and the cold weather gradually disappears, replaced by sunlight, green grass and clear blue sky. As the weather gets warmer, outdoor picnics, junior league matches and leisurely walks nearby. This is a great opportunity to show off shoes that you can't show off in the autumn and winter seasons. If you want to entertain yourself with new shoes, here are some shoe options that are perfect for spring.

1. Classic white sneakers

Just like ordinary white T-shirts, white sneakers are designed to suit anyone, regardless of age, gender or unique personal style. The classic white sneakers are a multifunctional item that can be worn on many different occasions with a variety of unique outfits. The typical spring look is a short-sleeved, knee-length women's dress with flowing flowers and a pair of white sneakers. The appearance is playful, but it is also very practical. If you live in a metropolitan area like New York and you know you have to walk a lot, then white sneakers and dresses are a tried and tested combination. If it is a slightly cold spring day, you can wear a pair of white sneakers with skinny jeans and a light-colored cardigan.


2. Suede moccasin slippers

Even if the weather starts to warm in the spring, there will be occasional cold days, and walking around the house barefoot or wearing a pair of thin socks is not enough. Spring slippers need not be thick and heavy. Place a pair of lightweight suede moccasin slippers by your bed. You will especially appreciate them on those cold spring mornings when the weather does not get warmer until late in the afternoon.

3. Colorful suede loafers

Spring is coming! It's time to launch colorful wardrobe items, otherwise you won't be able to get rid of these items in winter. The colorful wardrobe definitely includes footwear. In addition to practical spring shoes, there are several fashion items on hand, such as a pair of yellow, magenta or turquoise suede slip-on loafers. All these playful colors complement the blue skinny jeans and women's white shirts or printed tops.

4. Flat sandals

Is it just us, or is spring synonymous with the sandal season? We no longer need to bury our toes in thick socks and snow boots. The warm weather is time to incorporate sandals into your clothing. Every woman should have a pair of essential flat sandals that can match a variety of outfits. And you don't have to be limited to one style or color. The key is comfort. Find a pair of flat sandals to provide support so that you will not cause any pain when you walk. Once you find a perfect pair of flat sandals, which can provide you with all the comfort you need, and it is your style, the real fun begins. Flat sandals in neutral colors such as white, beige or black can be matched with dresses, skirts, pants and shorts in a variety of styles, prints and colors.

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5. Ballet Flats

Technically speaking, ballet flats can be worn all year round, but who wants to try wearing a pair of ballet flats to walk through the mud and snow? Choose to wear only in warm months to keep your feet warm and protect your beloved ballet flats. Like loafers, you can enjoy the fun of ballet flats. You can also use bright colors (such as cherry red) or interesting patterns (such as leopard print). In addition to having more fashionable ballet flats, you can also buy classic flats in neutral colors, such as black or gray. Ballet flats can be paired with professional attire for work, with skinny jeans, or with a cute midi skirt (if you have lunch with a few girlfriends). They are easy to wear, and if you invest in a pair of high-quality shoes, they will be comfortable to walk long distances.

6. Straw wedge sandals

There is no spring without straw shoes, especially if you plan to go to the beach on weekends. They are a must-have item for spring and are versatile and can be matched with a variety of different casual outfits. Straw wedge sandals bring a delicate effect to a flowy short-sleeved dress, which can be paired with shorts or trousers. Since espadrilles are usually in neutral colors, they can be easily matched with many different outfits, and you never have to worry about them conflicting with your clothes.

This spring, buy yourself a pair of new shoes to make your wardrobe full of vitality and show your unique style.

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