7 tips for becoming sophisticated when wearing flip-flops
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7 tips for becoming sophisticated when wearing flip-flops

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Wearing flip-flops is either the pinnacle of fashion or a major faux pas. But sometimes, casual shoes can be the highlight of your outfit with just a little help.

If you want to know how to design casual flip flops, we have prepared the perfect guide for you. Whether you want to create that beach-style indifferent look or turn it into a craft project, there are countless ways to make your flip flops the highlight of a shoe party!

1. Shift the focus

For very casual shoes, try to match them with the dramatic appearance of the upper body. Bold eye shadows, thick earrings or loud tops are all good choices.

This will also provide some balance to your gear. If someone notices your casual flip flops, they will look very attractive. Have you heard the fashion advice for matching loose and tight clothes? For example, this is why a flowy top goes well with skinny jeans. It provides visual contrast.

The same rules apply to your clothing and footwear. Contrasting a bolder look with a very casual approach is a great way to blend them together.

It is worth noting that this rule applies to moderation. Wearing a three-piece suit with flip-flops is a major contrast, but it's not worth trying in the office on Monday morning!


2. Modify your feet

If your feet look great, then it doesn't matter what shoes you wear! The best way is to perform a more traditional pedicure.

Solid colors are a good choice. If you feel uncomfortable wearing flip flops, traditional colors will make everything "into". Avoid sharp patterns this time, and your clothes will still look neat. If you like to wear things with a long history, such as white or pink toenails, you can also try traditional flip-flops.

3. Wear a mid-length skirt

It is a sign of casual hippie style in summer. As a comfortable and fashionable moment that was very popular during the quarantine period, it will continue to be popular as the global blockade is lifted. The dress is very forgiving and the style is wise. You can pair almost anything with them and they look good. However, the refreshing appearance makes summer scream, so why not match some cute leather flip-flops?

4. Update your flip flops

Are you in the mood to do a handicraft project? If so, look at your shoes. When you think of flip-flops, you might think of the fragile dollar store version that breaks at an untimely moment. However, there is no rule that flip-flops cannot be comfortable, cute and high-quality. If you have a little artistic talent, flip-flops can easily become the highlight of your outfit on any day. First, try to add some glitter to your flip flops. This can be done using clear glue and any glitter of your choice. Whether you want to outline your toes with glitter and let it dry, or add some to your shoulder straps, this is a lovely embellishment. Or, if you like the shiny retro style of the 2000s, you can add rhinestones and glass stones. Adding paper flowers and replacing straps with crochet strips are also lovely ways to improve the level of flip-flop games.


5. Balance

Many flip-flops have bright colors, such as blue or red. However, if you want to make a statement, please consider these color combinations. If you prefer to wear single-color clothing such as black, gray, and white, please choose more colorful footwear. If your clothes are loud and every color is rainbow, then dark black flip flops will make your style pop.

You can also choose style contrast. The flip-flop design has gone beyond basic sandals. Some are laced, some are designed by ballerinas, and the straps are wrapped around the legs.

If you are wearing a cute dress, consider looking for some high-heeled flip flops. They exist and come in all kinds of cute colors!

If you are wearing a swimsuit, the lace-up cute version will help you get the ankle support you need and the style you desire.

6. Avoid wearing socks

If you are a fashionista, you already know what we are going to say. But it needs to be repeated-avoid matching socks with flip-flops!

There are several reasons for this suggestion. First of all, in this case, it is difficult to maintain a good grip on the shoes with socks. This can make walking dangerous, especially if you need to walk through the airport quickly to catch your flight.

Another reason comes down to hygiene. If you visit this city in flip-flops, your feet will feel a little harsh. But for socks, especially white socks, all the dirt will show up immediately.

7. Embrace the summer look

Summer has a certain sense of beauty, especially in the era of easy selfies on Instagram and the beach. This is a great opportunity to relax and embrace a more casual style.

If this is the case for you, go all out! Get tanned, put on sunglasses, and embrace the beach hair. If your dress is cool, no one will notice the flip-flops you are wearing.

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