Korean slippers culture
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Korean slippers culture

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In South Korea, both men, women and children like to wear slippers, especially because of the simple and generous design, they are also called national slippers and are loved by the Korean people.

In the early 1970s, Korea began to implement the "indoor shoes" system, especially in schools, students have to change into indoor shoes after entering the teaching building, so we can often see students wearing slippers in teaching in film and television dramas The scene of walking around in the building.

Not only the students, but the office workers who work in the company and the nurses on duty in the hospital will take off their leather shoes and high heels and put on slippers to work. Even in order to cater to the public's desire to put slippers on the street, many well-known sports brands will launch slippers. So why do Koreans like slippers so much?


1. Clean & comfortable

Putting aside the elegance for the time being, slippers are really comfortable. Especially for office workers or students who sit at the desk for a long time, comfortable shoes can relieve fatigue very much. Compared with hard and heavy leather shoes, slippers are light, comfortable, free from restraints, and achieve foot freedom.

At the same time, if you change into indoor shoes in schools and companies, you will also prevent outdoor dust and dirt from being brought into the room, and maintain the cleanliness of the room to a certain extent.

2. Lifestyle

Koreans like to sit on the floor, not only at home, but also in many restaurants where you need to take off your shoes. This has become a living habit of Koreans.

3. Cost-effective

Compared with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of won a pair of shoes, only 3000 won a pair of slippers, the cost performance can be said to be very high, because the price is cheap, it will not be particularly distressed if worn out.

flip-flops (1)

4. Convenience

Wearing slippers is of course the most convenient for operations near home, such as throwing out garbage, going to a convenience store to buy things, and picking up express delivery. It is also convenient to buy. You can buy them everywhere in convenience stores, stationery stores, and supermarkets. If the slippers you are wearing are worn out or broken, you can buy new slippers directly at the convenience store.

In addition, slippers are also easy to keep. Students can put slippers in lockers or shoe bags, and office workers can put slippers under their desks.

Koreans' love for slippers has reached the point where they have to wear slippers to go out in winter, because the cold will wear socks in slippers. Although a bit illogical, the reasons given by Koreans are also irrefutable: slippers are convenient and socks. Protection from the cold.

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