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03 - 31
How to make your clogs stand out?
A wardrobe without a signature is incomplete. A prominent style can not only summarize your appearance, but also your personality. Naturally, it is those declarative works that become the focus and make people talk about it.Clogs manufacturers have deep roots that can be traced back hundreds of year
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01 - 13
10 key facts about clogs
There is nothing more clumsy to express "Dutch" or more precisely "Dutch" than clogs. But this iconic form of Dutch footwear is — literally — enduring.1 Clogs or wooden shoes = Netherlands. Why the Dutch should be considered excellent clog wearers is not clear, but it is true. Some forms of clogs we
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12 - 10
Product care: how to care for your clogs?
All our clogs are made from one of the most natural materials you can find, namely wood. Wearing wood is probably one of the most friendly walking materials! We recommend wearing it for a few hours a day in the first week, and then slightly increasing the wearing time in the next week.1. Use fine sa
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01 - 02
Why Are Clogs So Popular
If you were a young one back in the 1970's you will likely remember clog shoes and just how popular they were. Today, they are making their way back into the avenue of style. What is a clog? For those of you who do not know, the overall design defines the clogs. Generally, they are easily slipped on thanks to the open back, for easy on and off. The traditional styles were clog shoes that had a leather top and wooden soles.
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