How to make your clogs stand out?
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How to make your clogs stand out?

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A wardrobe without a signature is incomplete. A prominent style can not only summarize your appearance, but also your personality. Naturally, it is those declarative works that become the focus and make people talk about it.

Clogs manufacturers have deep roots that can be traced back hundreds of years. They have used materials readily available in nature to make durable footwear that meets a wide range of needs. Its modern transformation encompasses this time-tested history, but now its position is consolidated on the high fashion runway displayed by designers all over the world. In fact, white shoes inspired by the Balenciaga fashion show are celebrating their popularity as cool girl shoes this spring.

Points to consider:

The golden rule to make your clogs stand out, especially if it is a vibrant pair in our Brights collection, is to keep it simple. Imagine a crisp white shirt and a pencil skirt, or imagine a flowing tunic and jeans.


Classic clogs are perfectly matched with the same classic necessities-sleeveless, structured tops and feminine skirts are rejuvenated with unexpected footwear styles.

Black and white is always loyal to impeccable dress. White T-shirt, black blazer and jeans make clogs the focus.

These techniques have allowed clogs to steal the limelight. Be careful not to add competitive elements that will affect and distract your favorite clogs. This is a good starting point for anyone who feels stuck in shoe marks.

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