Product care: how to care for your clogs?
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Product care: how to care for your clogs?

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All our clogs are made from one of the most natural materials you can find, namely wood. Wearing wood is probably one of the most friendly walking materials! We recommend wearing it for a few hours a day in the first week, and then slightly increasing the wearing time in the next week.

1. Use fine sandpaper to clean the wood.

Yes, you heard it right. If your clogs are stained with dirt, try to wipe them off with sandpaper. Obviously, this should be used gently and carefully, but it definitely helps to remove those tiny marks.

2. Pay attention to the edges of stairs and sidewalks.

When you walk up the stairs or cross the road and accidentally hit the steps, it is very common to have debris on the clogs. We put a thin rubber sole on them to protect the wood and prevent you from slipping, but it's always good to be extra careful where you put your feet. If you happen to get a fragment on your clogs-usually it is easy to repair with some glue.

3. They all look slightly different.

We think this is one of their most fascinating qualities! Wood has its own details, such as darker patterns or spots, which can be shown in the image above. This is different from mass-produced plastic shoes, where you can use machines and man-made materials to make the same shoes. Our clogs will have its own uniqueness-this is created by nature itself. Most importantly, they are also handmade, which ensures that every pair of our clogs is absolutely unique.


4. Keep furry friends away from clogs.

Obviously, dogs like our clogs, so be sure to hide the clogs, otherwise the furry animals that are sneaking around may decide to eat them.

If you follow these instructions and handle your clogs wholeheartedly, you will soon see the real beauty of using natural materials such as wood-if you love it, it will benefit you throughout your life.

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