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05 - 22
Things to remember when choosing slippers
Slippers are very important shoes in our daily lives. After a long day of work, many times wearing uncomfortable shoes and not letting our feet breathe, we got home, we put our work shoes outside and put on slippers. This is a critical moment for our feet, because now they can rest. Breathe and reco
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05 - 13
Why are slippers so popular?
Slippers have become common shoes in the daily lives of millions of people. Not only can be used as home shoes, but also as some matching shoes. We can now find many models on the market, including men and women. But you may be wondering, why are slippers so popular? There are 3 reasons.1. Comfort/H
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02 - 19
How clogs make a difference for people with flat feet?
"Flat feet" as defined by the Mayo Clinic is a common and usually painless disease that occurs when the arch of the foot is not developed in childhood. "When your arches are flat, your feet will be flat, and when you stand up, your entire feet will touch the floor," as described on the clinic's webs
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02 - 04
Home Shoes-Tips for Choosing Home Shoes
Household shoes are for comfort and relaxation. After tiring working hours, you go into your home and relax. When relaxing, you need soft and comfortable home shoes. If any pair of slippers are uncomfortable, it doesn't matter how good they look. You need a pair of shoes that can support your feet,
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