How clogs make a difference for people with flat feet?
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How clogs make a difference for people with flat feet?

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"Flat feet" as defined by the Mayo Clinic is a common and usually painless disease that occurs when the arch of the foot is not developed in childhood. "When your arches are flat, your feet will be flat, and when you stand up, your entire feet will touch the floor," as described on the clinic's website.

However, in some cases, flat feet develop after an injury or with the natural pressure of aging. If you do not feel pain, you do not need treatment. However, flat feet can cause problems with the ankles and knees because this condition changes the alignment of the legs.

If you start to feel pain, the most common treatment is to wear supportive shoes. "Shoes with structural support may be more comfortable than shoes with the least support," the Mayo Clinic said.


The most suitable shoes for flat feet have good arch support and proper fit. Choose shoes without "curved" soles, because your midfoot needs support. Choose shoes that are difficult to move, because you shouldn't twist them either. Finally, proper heel support is essential, because hard shoes seem to provide the best care for people with flat feet.

It is for this reason that people turn to clogs.

There is a series of classic clogs, which exhibit low heels and strong bottoms that can resist the above operations. Flat clogs are a well-designed choice, suitable for those who are looking for a fashionable style that better suits their needs.

When your flat feet become painful, the right shoes can make all the difference.

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