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09 - 28
Flip-flops production process
1. Material preparation: According to the number of flip-flops to be made, prepare the raw materials required for flip-flop production, including rubber base, fabric straps, insoles, uppers, etc.2. Cutting: Cut the fabric strap into an upper of suitable size according to the designer's requirements,
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05 - 07
Why everyone needs flip flops
We live in a world that advocates individuality and uniqueness. Modern society seems to pay more attention to personal style and individuality. This makes it difficult to say that one thing might work for everyone. But we disagree. We believe that everyone has a trigger.Children and baby boomers now
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01 - 04
A guide to preventing foot odor in children
The children are very active. They dabbled in all kinds of things they had never thought of. They want to climb trees, roll in the sandbox, stomping in every puddle they see. It is innocent and cute from a distance, but every mom knows that every fun thing their child or toddler does will have conse
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01 - 01
Tips to prevent sweaty feet
Spring is the time to travel and enjoy the company of family and friends.One of the main problems that many people face in the spring is that their feet sweat too much due to the high temperature (of course, it can also happen during the rest of the year). This is very uncomfortable for people, beca
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11 - 28
The origin of slippers
Today, most of us have a pair of slippers. It can be used comfortably at home when we want to relax in uncomfortable shoes and let our feet rest after working hours. But do you know the origin of slippers?Slippers are closely related to Eastern history. They played a very important role in Japanese
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