Flip-flops production process
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Flip-flops production process

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1. Material preparation: According to the number of flip-flops to be made, prepare the raw materials required for flip-flop production, including rubber base, fabric straps, insoles, uppers, etc.

2. Cutting: Cut the fabric strap into an upper of suitable size according to the designer's requirements, and cut the rubber base into the corresponding size and shape.

3. Bonding: Connect the upper and rubber base through glue or other adhesive materials.

4. Decoration: Printing, embroidery and other decorations can be added to the upper as needed.

5. Shaping: Place the made flip-flops on the mold to shape them into the molded shape.

6. Arrangement: Make neat and clean proofs of the made flip-flops and prepare them for packaging.

7. Packaging: Put the prepared flip flops into packaging bags or wrap them in paper boxes.

8. Delivery: Transport the packaged flip-flops to sales channels for consumers to purchase.


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