Will the feet change size?
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Will the feet change size?

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Many people don't know this yet, but our feet often change their size. This is a relatively common thing, but it is little known. How can our feet become bigger or smaller?

There are many different explanations for this. As far as women are concerned, one of the most common moments that cause foot size changes is pregnancy. We often hear stories of women with swollen feet during pregnancy, forcing them to buy large-size shoes. Not only can the size change, many recent studies have shown that the shape of the feet can also change during pregnancy.


Other, more general explanations for changes in the size of our feet may be weight gain or loss. Common things like this can affect our feet to widen or narrow, so it usually forces people to buy shoes of different sizes. Therefore, if you are on a diet, you must be very careful when buying shoes, because you may buy a pair of shoes that are very fitting now, but their size may not be appropriate in a few months.

Due to these natural reasons, our feet have changed their size, and there is nothing we can do. What we can do is to take good measurements of our feet so that we can keep an eye on whether there are any changes in their size so that we can keep abreast of the situation when we plan to buy new shoes or new slippers.


As far as slippers are concerned, size is also a very important factor, because often the shoes you buy are one size larger than ordinary shoes, but if you are pregnant, or if you think your feet are swollen or swollen, you should wait for them to return to their original state. The normal state before buying shoes, so you can prevent spending money on the wrong size and not enjoying your new slippers.

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