Why you should buy flip-flops with arch support?
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Why you should buy flip-flops with arch support?

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When people think of arch support, they usually think of bulky shoes. In order to relieve pain and other benefits of shoes with proper arch support, they have to sacrifice fashion and versatility. However, this is not true! Of course, research shows that wearing fragile shoes—such as your typical flip-flops—may be bad for your feet, causing plantar fasciitis and low back pain. However, our shoes are designed with high-quality arch support, which provides enough support for our flip-flops and makes your feet feel like they are floating! What makes ories the best flip flops with arch support?

The outsole of our flip-flops is very durable and provides a high degree of traction, making it suitable for all weather conditions. We use leather lined with soft polyester mesh to provide you with excellent all-day comfort, soft polyester shoes The head is the only part between your toes.


5 reasons to get a flip-flop with arch support

1. Comfort

Especially if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, knee pain, bunions, heel spurs or other types of foot or ankle diseases, you will know that arch support is useful for protecting your feet and legs from strains And the importance of injury. Our flip-flops continuously massage the soles of your feet as you walk. Combine the support of high-quality flip-flops with comfort and freedom, and you have a pretty good combination.

Flip-flops may be criticized, but this is mainly because most people think they are cheap and uncomfortable shoes in the past. However, this type of shoe has come a long way since the early 2000s and before. Nowadays, flip-flops are even suitable for people with bunions, flat feet and foot injuries!

2. Support

The basic benefit of comfortable flip-flops with arch support is that they provide you with structural support throughout the year. Oories provides you with gentle arch support and stable traction in all weather conditions, providing you with the support and confidence you need to wear throughout the day without worrying about twisting your ankles or unnecessarily triggering you due to wet concrete Plantar fasciitis.

3. Style

Orthopedic shoes don't have to be ugly or unfashionable. Shoes can look great while also preventing your heels, legs and back pain. Sounds too good to be true? Check out our shiny flip flops series and see for yourself!


4. Versatility

Flip-flops are suitable for many different occasions, including holidays, sporting events, weddings, date nights and relaxing at home! 

5. Choose

If you want the highest-end and most comfortable plantar fasciitis flip-flops, then you may want to check out our designer collection.

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