Why more and more families refuse to wear shoes outside?
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Why more and more families refuse to wear shoes outside?

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In many Asian countries, you must take off your shoes and put on slippers before entering the home. This tradition is spreading in many other cultures. Here are some reasons.

In many Asian homes, there is a clear boundary between outdoor and indoor. The room or entrance passage is dedicated to taking off shoes and wearing some slippers, so as to keep the dirt outside. This tradition also applies to many families in other countries, although it is not as formal as many Asian families. This tradition is significant in many ways, because when there is no dust entering from the outside, cleaning the house is easier, healthier, and can reduce the wear of carpets and linoleum. In many countries/regions, it is natural to take off your shoes at the door, and many people will not even consider walking into your home in shoes suitable for outdoor wear.


What should you wear?

Slippers are the answer, because wearing comfortable house slippers will give your feet the feeling of barefoot, which can combine the pressure points of your feet with slippers. Other answers include flip-flops, sandals and short boots.

Seven reasons to wear slippers:

1. Not wearing shoes in it can almost eliminate the need for frequent carpet washing.

2. Expensive carpets are not easy to clean and may be damaged by external dirt and toxins carried by shoes. Especially if you accidentally step on animal droppings. Wouldn't it be embarrassing?

3. Shoes worn outside may leave marks or scratches on the wooden floor, ceramic tiles and linoleum due to the sand in the upper.

4. Possible gasoline, pesticides and other pollutants may stick to your shoes, let alone chewing gum. Have you ever tried to get gum from the carpet?


5. The sludge of rain, snow and weather conditions will not be tracked.

6. Do you really want your crawling babies or children playing with toys on the floor to be exposed to these dangers?

7. When you provide guests with a pair of comfortable slippers, they will feel more relaxed and more like a member of the family. In addition, wearing comfortable slippers will create a mentality of leaving outside pressure and trouble outside.

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