Why do dogs always fall in love with their master's slippers?
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Why do dogs always fall in love with their master's slippers?

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For dogs, the owner's slippers seem to be their best toy. Gold toys and silver toys are not as good as the master's broken slippers!

Every time I come home from get off work, my slippers will always disappear, which makes people a headache. Why is the dog so heavy?


1. Molar needs

On the way a dog grows up, teeth grinding is an essential part. Especially young puppies who are in the period of tooth replacement.

Whether it's your slippers, socks, or your feet, they are all teething supplies in their eyes. It's better to buy it some delicious teething stick to chew.

2. Get close to the owner

Unexpectedly, chewing on your slippers is also a way to love you. The owner is not at home all day, and the dog misses the owner, so he wants to look for something that smells of the owner.

There are more than 500,000 sweat glands on the soles of human feet, and the smell of the owner is easy to be left on the shoes, so dogs love your "stinky shoes" very much.

3. Possession

A dog is a very possessive animal. It loves its owner, treats the owner as his own, and wants to own everything about you.

Therefore, shoes with the taste of the owner must be circled in your own territory and watched firmly.

In the world of dogs, there is no difference between smell and smell. Dogs know that this smell belongs to the owner, familiar and kind.


4. You can make it at ease

Dogs like to lick your feet because of the sweat and smell on your feet that make them want to stop.

However, in order to prevent dogs from developing the bad habit of biting shoes, you should stop them in time when you see them biting slippers!

Say NO loudly and take the slippers away. Put slippers out of sight, and prepare toys and teeth sticks instead of slippers.

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