Which style of slippers is best for me?
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Which style of slippers is best for me?

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Slippers are a durable shoe, and buying them is a somewhat complicated process that has multiple aspects to consider. Since slippers are the shoes we will have for a long time, we are faced with style issues. One can choose between classic styles of slippers or more fashionable styles, but there is always doubt as to which is the best.

Classic or Bold?

Usually men don't pay much attention to these trendy styles, they prefer to choose classic slippers that perfectly represent their style. That's why you can find slippers in black, tan and brown in our store, but also in a natural colour, grey silver, that balances an always classic look with a more stylish statement.

When it comes to shoes, women are usually more playful, and so are slippers. They love to experiment with many shapes and colors, so keep in mind that Ories slippers have some interesting options for ladies. Pink is a very playful and feminine color, and that's what these slippers stand for. Keeping in mind the design and main features of the brand, but with a feminine and light touch thanks to the gorgeous pink. Also, other colors, like blue, are always flawless and timeless.


Which to choose: you decide

The thing to keep in mind when buying slippers is your style. If you are someone with a more classic style, you should also follow this style when looking for a pair of slippers. If you're someone who loves style and experimenting with looks, textures and colors, you can choose from some of the more playful colors of Ories slippers. No matter what you are looking for, remember that Ories always provides you with the highest quality, best designs and styles to suit your tastes.

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