What to do if slippers have a sour smell?
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What to do if slippers have a sour smell?

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Slippers are a necessity in our lives. Almost everyone puts on slippers immediately after returning home. But slippers will give off a sour smell after being worn for a long time, even the slippers that have just been bathed or washed will still give off a peculiar smell. This situation may be caused by poor hygiene, excessive sweating of the feet, etc. You can usually wash more and pay attention to the hygiene of the footwear. If the feet sweat a lot, you can also choose to perform foot light scattering. For treatment, or go to the dermatology department of the hospital for an examination to see if there is any skin disease, and then choose drugs for treatment based on the examination. In addition, there may be a big reason for the poor quality of slippers, you can choose good quality slippers.

The solution to the peculiar smell of slippers

1. Put the laundry detergent in the basin and soak the slippers for about half an hour, and dry them after thorough washing.


2. Put activated carbon into the shoes to absorb the peculiar smell for a period of time.

3. Soak the slippers with 100°C boiling water to kill most of the residual substances on the slippers.

4. Change to a pair of good slippers, which should not be worn for a long time.

5. Pay attention to personal hygiene and wash shoes and slippers at the same time.

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