What should you do and what should not be done about flip-flops?
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What should you do and what should not be done about flip-flops?

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Follow the precautions of these flip-flops to protect and save your favorite flip-flops. So you can do the right life-daily flip flops.

Do: Clean flip-flops regularly

If you want to make the most of flip flops, please clean them at least once a week (well, maybe not every week, but as often as needed). When your flip-flops look their best, so will your feet.


Don't: wait until the flip flops taste too strong

Clean your flip flops regularly-don't stay in the same room for too long. Sprinkle the flip flops with baking soda and let it sit overnight. In the morning, dust off the baking soda or rinse it off quickly. Your nose (and your friend's nose) will thank you.

Don't: wear the same pair every day

If you don't want your slippers to get dirty too quickly, please change a pair. This will also delay its wear process.


Do: keep your feet clean

What is the biggest cause of dirty flip flops? Dirty feet! Therefore, before wearing flip-flops, please try to keep your feet clean and make sure they are completely dry.

Do: Check out quick tips for cleaning flip-flops

Rubber flip-flops can be immersed in water; suede and leather flip-flops need to follow special cleaning techniques. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines and learn how to clean flip flops in a way that does not affect appearance and quality.

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