What's wrong with peeling feet?
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What's wrong with peeling feet?

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Refuse to care for rough foot care

What is the problem of peeling feet? This problem makes girls have a headache. They dare not wear beautiful sandals. The peeling feet look unappetizing. If the feet are stuffed in an airtight environment for a long time, the peeling phenomenon will be more serious. And often there are various problems such as thick keratin, thick calluses, and dryness. So, how do you care for your feet?

foot care

1. Insulation and moisturizing care

The ankle is where the skin is most prone to dryness, so moisturizing is very important. Choose skin care products according to the nature of your skin to moisturize your ankles. If there is severe peeling, massage the essential oil with repairing effect.

2.Use tools for maintenance

Girls' heels are easy to get rough, because girls do not have as much oil as men. The hardened heel can be scrubbed with a smooth stone first, and then coated with Crack King, and then put on cotton socks to sleep.

3. Exfoliating

The feet are extremely susceptible to calluses, especially the heel, the front part of the foot, and the sides of the thumb and little finger. Therefore, when exfoliating, focus on removing these parts. Before exfoliating, you should soak your feet to soften the cuticles of your feet, and then use a towel to gently absorb the moisture of your feet (the scrub board should be used when the feet are dry), and the scrub board should be rubbed in the same direction , Do not rub back and forth, so as not to aggravate the roughness of the skin. In addition, you can also soak the Sophora flavescens antibacterial liquid produced by Niu's.


4. Apply nail polish

After applying the nail polish, apply a layer of gloss oil, but this simple step can double the duration of the nail polish. Using a toe clip can prevent the painted toenails from being accidentally scratched, and the same effect can be achieved if you don't use a crumpled paper towel between your toes.

5. Prepare slippers in the office

For beauties who love to wear high heels, please remember to prepare a pair of slippers under the office desk. You can rest your feet when no one is paying attention. Don’t be greedy for the slender vision brought by the height of the sky, the heel height of 2-4 cm is the most suitable size for beauty

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