What kinds of slippers are there?
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What kinds of slippers are there?

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1. Anti-static slippers

Anti-static slippers/sandals use static dissipative material PU (polyurethane) to make the soles. The introduction of the HAD system based on kinematics and physiology, the shoe body is light and soft, comfortable and breathable, and it is not easy to fatigue after long-term wear. It is suitable for use in electrostatic sensitive areas, and the scope of use: dust-free production workshops. Semiconductor manufacturing, electronic picture tube manufacturing, etc.

2. Flip-flops

Flip-flops, referred to as flip-flops.

Flip-flops are also called "flip-flops". Just by listening to the pronunciation of the word, the rhythm of kicking and pedaling has spread a kind of randomness and ease.

Flip-flops, shoes that are full of free spirit and casual feeling, are very popular among designers and are used in fashion shows. On the other hand, although the structure of flip-flops is simple, they have unlimited creative possibilities. And a pair of finished flip flops can also be freely created by pasting various decorations. How can such "liberalism" not let the support team grow stronger.


4. USB slippers

The so-called usb slippers are slippers with built-in usb heating pads. This kind of slippers mainly refers to the sheet material heated by the power supply of the computer's USB port. Some people call usb heating film as heating film, heating film or electric heating film. Slippers with built-in USB heating elements are generally suitable for wearing in colder winters.

5. Indoor slippers

Indoor slippers, with the improvement of people' quality of life, are getting closer and closer to people's lives. Indoor slippers are generally divided into cotton slippers, open slippers, bathroom slippers, weight loss slippers, fitness slippers, floor slippers, disposable slippers (hotel drag )Wait.

6. High-heeled sandals

The sandals worn by ladies may sometimes be similar to slippers, that is, they only have a toe without a heel, but often have high heels instead of flat soles. At this time, they are not called slippers, but are simply referred to as high heels or sandals.

Slippers material:

There are many kinds of fabrics that can be used on indoor slippers, the most common ones are coral fleece, long plush, short plush, and suede. There are also satin fabrics, velvet, polar fleece, cotton fleece, terry cloth, Korean fleece, cotton cloth, leather, etc. Basically all the fabrics that can be used on clothing can be used to make slippers.

Extended information:

Slippers are a kind of shoes, the heel is completely empty, only the front toe is, mostly flat bottom, the material is often quite light and soft leather, plastic, fabric, etc. The types of slippers are differentiated according to the wearing occasion and performance purpose.

For example, beach slippers will not be made of fabric, but plastic. This is for waterproof and easy cleaning. The toe cap is also specially designed and is often called flip-flops, which is what we call herringbone drag.

But in winter, indoor slippers, in order to keep warm, may use fluffy cloth instead of plastic, so that people have a better enjoyment in the room. There are also anti-static slippers commonly used in electronics factories and dust-free workshops.

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