Valentine's Day Gift Guide
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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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Valentine's Day is coming, trust us: you don't want to wait until the last minute to scramble to find a card from your local Tesco. What you can do this Valentine's Day is much better than a card! Whether you are planning to make extra efforts this year or you are looking for something sweet and personal, we have provided you with brilliant ideas to give away your significant other.

1. Matching slippers

Ories Slippers , to be honest, you like them too! They are so comfortable and comfortable, we can't live without them, especially in this cold weather. A new pair of slippers is always good, but make your own collocation even sweeter. You have a lovely couple gift to your significant other and treat yourself to a new slippers at the same time, a win-win!

We paired some styles, these styles not only seem to belong together, but the colors are also different. In this way, you can customize the pairing according to your favorite color, while maintaining the theme and matching style and silhouette.

If you are a fan of scratch style slippers, home flip flops are the perfect choice for you.


For those who enjoy a more sophisticated look, the Disney color scheme is a timeless classic and perfect for year-round wear. These slippers have soft leather leather soles, functional with EVA soles for light outdoor use, and are perfect for pop-up gardens.

2. Personalized gifts

Love is sweet, and these personalized gifts are also sweet. Personalized name necklaces are the current trend and are on most girls' wish lists. Choose to customize the necklace with your girlfriend's name or your own name, so that no matter where she goes, she will get a part of you.

Every gentleman needs a set of cufflinks, these personalized cufflinks are perfect to get your initials, his initials or your anniversary inscribed in these extra emotions.

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