Things to do in foot care
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Things to do in foot care

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The feet support our actions in life every day, but it is easy to have foot odor and beriberi and other problems. When the feet enter the shoes for a period of time, the temperature inside the shoes will rise, humidity (sweat), and air will not circulate, and we ourselves carry hundreds of millions of bacteria. Under the high-quality environmental conditions in the shoes, the bacteria will breed and multiply wildly. 

Faced with the growth of bacteria, how can we keep our feet healthy?

1. Wash your feet frequently

Keeping your feet and feet soaked every day is an effective way to care for your feet. Washing and massaging your feet is the reason why many foot baths on the market have been very popular. At the same time, the effect of washing your feet with bath liquid or soap is better. You can also use baking soda, vinegar, etc. to dilute your feet. Pay special attention to cleaning the sour mud in the nails instead of just washing your feet.


Massage care of the feet after washing the feet is also a means to protect the feet. The foot care solution can effectively inhibit bacteria and relieve itching, repair the skin of the feet, and keep it fresh and dry.

2. Shoes

1) A pair of comfortable shoes

A pair of comfortable shoes is a reward for your feet. You must choose shoes that suit you. When you buy them for children, you must always pay attention to your child's experience of wearing shoes. If it is not breathable, you must not wear shoes with sweaty feet, smelly feet, or rotten feet. As long as you find that the quality of the shoes, such as airtightness, decisively throw them away, this is not a waste, but to save your feet. If the shoes are not well purchased, it is easy to have a great impact on the feet. The biggest problem is athlete's foot, followed by corns, grinding feet and other problems.

Everyone depends on their choice of shoes, but there is a principle that is breathable and comfortable to fit, and then choose different styles of shoes according to personal preferences.

2) Sterilization and deodorization of shoes

The simplest and most economical way is to use activated carbon. Activated carbon is very absorbent. Putting activated carbon into shoes can not only absorb the moisture in the shoes, but also absorb the smell in the shoes. There are other alcohol, white vinegar, soda powder, etc. that can also deodorize. The alcohol and other sprays purchased online are more convenient to carry. You can choose different methods according to your personal situation.

In daily life, you can use alcohol, chlorine dioxide spray, etc. to spray inside the shoes at any time to effectively eliminate odor and bacteria, but it is not advisable to spray more.


Ordinary cleaning cannot completely remove the bacteria, but it grows back repeatedly during the damp drying period (the sun's ultraviolet rays are difficult to reach in the shoes). At this time, it is necessary to use a disinfectant product to disinfect the shoes. When cleaning, pour the disinfectant into a sink or basin to dilute, soak the shoes (except leather shoes) for about 20 minutes for disinfection, and then follow the conventional process Wash shoes.

In addition, remember that shoes must be cleaned to avoid residues of laundry detergent or other cleaning agents. The residues are not good for the body, and the remaining laundry detergent is a good fertilizer for bacteria (socks can also be operated in this way).

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