The best flip flops for travel
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The best flip flops for travel

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Flip-flops are a great pair of shoes. There are as many types and prices of flip flops as their colors. From particularly comfortable to foldable, flip-flops are packable for easy travel. I do not recommend that you hike in Kilimanjaro, my physical therapist will tell you to dress carefully and pay attention to your hamstrings. But for your beach trips, outdoor city days and endless summer fun, flip-flops are my favorite!

How do you choose a pair of comfortable flip flops to travel, and which ones are right for you? This is my best collection of tips for finding super comfortable flip flops.


1. Choose flip flops: material and footbed

1) When choosing travel flip flops, there are several considerations.

Before you buy flip-flops, first understand your feet and your needs. Comfortable sandals are different for everyone, so knowing your feet is the best way to find the right flip flops.

Rubber: low price, bendable, easy to put on and take off, easy to release quickly.

Foam: plastic, comfortable, light, shock absorption.

Leather: original, traditional and suitable for your feet.

Polyester: thinner than others, waterproof, light and comfortable.

Neoprene: soft, soft, comfortable, long-lasting, very suitable for water sports.

Nylon: Look for this at the toe of many sandals-especially active shoes.

2) Flip-flop bed type

Light bubble

These usually appear in cheaper shoes. Lightweight foam is the most unstable option and the option that provides the least foot/ankle support.

Foot model

Traveling flip flops with EVA or foam/rubber mixture will not forget the shape of your feet. These shoes have better shock absorption than support, and despite their high level of comfort, they usually exacerbate any foot problems you encounter.

Molded or contoured

Generally, these are the recommended footbed types for long-term use and wearing.

Usually made of EVA, leather or other mixed materials, these shoes are more difficult to bend in the center. Molded or contoured footbeds are stronger and more durable, suitable for long-term walking on light to medium terrain, and provide the greatest stability and support of all options.


2. Things to consider before buying travel flip flops

Even if you are a minimalist, you may have more than one pair of flip flops. There is one suitable for spending a day on the beach, a cheap style suitable for use in a shower room, pool park or shared dormitory bathroom, and a sturdy style suitable for more adventurous outdoor trips. Before you click to buy and wait patiently for your shoes to arrive, please consider your needs, the activity you choose, and most importantly, follow your body.

1) Activities

Why should you buy these flip-flops? Do you buy one pair every five years or five pairs every year?

Whether it's a beach or trail, hiking or walking, a day trip to the city, or rugged and wet terrain, every use will affect your buying decision. Know yourself before you buy!

2) Use level

Will these be your main walking shoes when you are in the city center or will you take off your walking shoes and put on flip flops to eat or go to the swimming pool? What is your level of use? This will affect the shoes you buy. Some flip flops are stronger than others and are used for different purposes.

3) Used in water

It seems that all flip-flops should be used effortlessly in the water, but some flip-flops are better than others.

If you are going to stay in the water for a long time, pay attention to the level of traction at the bottom of the footbed and the material that wraps the foot. Rubber soles are a good choice for traction. You should also make sure that it dries quickly and feels comfortable in and out of water.

4) Sustainability

How important is sustainability when you buy flip-flops or in your life? Are you looking for vegetarian options with a low carbon footprint? Is it important for you to know that you will not buy too much in a year? Are you giving up any option that might bring more plastic into the environment?

Choose wisely-we can all do our part.

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