Summer home sandals and slippers, soft, comfortable and non-slip
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Summer home sandals and slippers, soft, comfortable and non-slip

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A comfortable sandals and slippers can let you have a cool experience, enjoy the lazy time at home, and share with you the big mouth monkey sandals and slippers, the colors are fresh and varied, it is fashionable to wear, and the material is soft and does not wear your feet, and the anti-slip effect is better. It is more comfortable to use.

1. Fresh and diverse colors

For people who pay attention to the quality of life, even if you choose slippers, you must look at the sense of fashion. Choose a fashionable sandals and slippers, which is also exquisite for leisure at home. The big mouth monkey sandals and slippers come in five fresh colors. The candy color is bright and not vulgar to satisfy the public's aesthetics, and it is also convenient to distinguish the family's shoes.


2. Soft and do not grind your feet

The material of the shoes is very important. If the upper is too hard, it is easy to wear the feet when walking, and wearing it is also a torture. The upper material and sole of the big mouth monkey sandals and slippers are very soft. They are very comfortable to step on, but they will not be soft on the couch. The elasticity is just right and it is especially comfortable to wear. You can wear it at home.

3. Anti-skid soles to prevent falls

When we take a bath, we wear sandals and slippers to enter the bathroom. There are more water stains in the bathroom. If the slippers are not slip resistant, it is easy to slip. The big mouth monkey sandals and slippers, the soles with rich lines are not only beautiful, but also greatly increase the friction with the ground. Whether it is the bathroom floor or the kitchen floor, it can be very non-slip, not easy to fall, and give the family a little more care.

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4. Healthy and odorless

Slippers with bad materials smell a pungent smell, and they are also prone to smelly feet. After wearing them for a period of time, they will have a sour smell, which is difficult to wash off. The monkey sandals and slippers are made of environmentally friendly materials, which are healthy and have no peculiar smell and will not irritate the skin, and they are not easy to leave peculiar smell.

Ories sandals and slippers are fashionable and fresh in design to meet the public's aesthetics. They are placed in the bathroom to add a sense of fashion. The shoes are soft and comfortable.

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