Rubber or leather? How to choose the best beach shoes
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Rubber or leather? How to choose the best beach shoes

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When browsing new beach sandals, the wide variety of styles can be overwhelming. Modern shoes are made of plastic, leather, rubber, canvas, foam, wood and almost any durable material you can imagine. Nevertheless, most shoppers looking for the most comfortable and durable option boil down to two main choices: leather or rubber.

Each of these elastic materials has advantages and disadvantages, and familiarity with these characteristics can help buyers invest in their ideal beach sandals.

The best beach sandals: leather or rubber?

Finding quality beach shoes is not necessarily a struggle. This comparison between rubber sandals and leather sandals helps guide you to make an informed and rewarding decision and a pair of stylish new beach sandals.


1. Leather

Leather beach sandals are often very fashionable and very comfortable. However, moisture and leather do not blend well, and leather sandals may begin to degrade after a few hours in salt and moisture-filled air and sand.

However, leather sandals are not destined to die on the beach. Owners can apply leather wax to their shoes in advance to help protect their sandals from moisture damage. With proper care and maintenance, leather can last longer than shoes made of almost any other material.

If properly maintained, leather sandals can last a lifetime, during which time they will fit your feet and increase comfort. Leather can protect, breathe and is relatively easy to keep clean. However, many people choose to invest in a pair of leather sandals, because leather shoes are often particularly fashionable.

2. Rubber

Rubber beach shoes can do everything leather can't-get wet! Rubber is naturally waterproof, so it is an obvious choice when choosing shoes for beach fun. In addition, most rubber shoes are designed to float, so the rubber beach shoes will not sink into the dark, salty waves and never be seen again.

Because of these qualities, rubber beach sandals are usually a popular choice for children. However, anyone can benefit from the properties of sturdy and reliable rubber sandals.

It is important to note that rubber that is left in the water for a long time will degrade and start to peel off. However, users who clean and dry rubber sandals in time after a day on the beach will definitely love these sandals for several years.

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Which material is better?

This is a difficult question to answer. In fact, the real answer varies from person to person. This is because everyone has unique personal preferences and budget constraints to consider.

The most hassle-free choice, and probably the best choice for quality children's sandals, is rubber. The rubber is waterproof, can float, and may require multiple taps before showing signs of wear. In addition, it is very lightweight.

However, the most fashionable choice is often leather. Classic and elegant leather is an all-natural alternative to synthetic materials. Fashion-conscious women can rejoice in the many glamorous ladies' sandals.

Of course, there are many features, advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered before making the final purchase decision.

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