How to walk in wedge sandals?
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How to walk in wedge sandals?

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There is nothing better than wearing a pair of sexy wedge sandals, a beach bag slung over the shoulder, and a bikini exposed from under a sun skirt that can better reflect the holiday atmosphere. This is the perfect outfit to go to the beach or just enjoy the weather.

The problem is that although wedge heels are a popular choice for women's sandals, they are also difficult to wear. This may affect your vacation attire plan!

If you want to figure out how to walk in lace-up sandals with wedge heels, don't panic. We have compiled a guide on how to walk in wedge sandals like a professional.

1. Stand up straight

One of the first tips for walking in wedge sandals is to stand up straight. Your shoulders should be back and your chin should be up. When you walk in wedge heels, be careful not to slack off. Raise your shoulders down and inward to help straighten your back and open your chest. You should also keep your pelvis in a neutral position. Try not to lean forward, as this will make you lose your balance.


2. Use your muscles

Wedge walking can be a real exercise! When you walk with a wedge, you need to make sure you have a good balance, which also means using your abdominal and leg muscles.

When walking in a wedge shape, you stabilize yourself by activating your core muscles. In addition, use the calf and thigh muscles to maintain the center of gravity to avoid falling. This will stabilize your ankle and make it easier to walk or stand when wearing heeled sandals.

3. Practice more

If you are not used to wedge walking, you can do some exercises to help you master the tricks. On the one hand, exercises such as yoga and Pilates will help strengthen muscles, improve posture and help you learn how to better maintain your balance. You can practice simple exercises at home to strengthen your body.

Most importantly, you can exercise your calf muscles by standing on the soles of your feet for five seconds of burst exercises. This will help you strengthen your calf muscles and get used to the feeling of walking in wedge shoes or high heels. Studying the local "high heels course" also helps to increase strength and confidence.

4. Put your legs on your knees

Now that you know how to prepare to walk in wedge sandals, let's talk about how to really take the first step. In this way, you can take a natural and comfortable step in your new shoes.

First bend your front knees while raising your hind legs. Then, take a step forward with your hind legs so that they are in front of the front legs. Make sure to point your feet and touch the ground while doing this.

Another professional tip here is to make your legs at a 30-degree angle to your body. This will help you balance more comfortably.


5. Attach the slippers to the soles of your feet and walk

One mistake many people who wear wedge sandals make for the first time is stomping their feet while walking. This is not only uncomfortable, but also makes walking quite ugly.

Conversely, when you walk in wedge-shaped high heels, put your heels on the ground first. From there, you can move your back foot forward and repeat this action. A good way to think about this is as if you are swinging with your foot every time you take a step.

6. Master the art of walking stairs

One of the most difficult places to walk in wedge heels is the stairs. Maintaining balance when going up and down stairs can be difficult.

To help you, make sure to step on your entire foot when going up and down the stairs. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure your shoes are stable on the steps.

You can also use the handrails when going up and down the stairs. In this way, you will not lose your balance and there will be something to support you when you walk on your heels.

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