How to reuse or recycle old flip flops?
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How to reuse or recycle old flip flops?

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Ories flip flops are built to last, but it inevitably happens that one day you may need to replace your favorite pair of flip flops! Which begs the question, what do you do with your old pair? Recycle them, donate them or turn them into something else - check out some of our top tips below.

1. Donate them to charity

There are many charity shops scattered around that will accept your old flip flops if they are still in good condition. If not, there are plenty of other charities out there that will donate your flip flops to underdeveloped countries, and you'll sometimes find these online or public drop-off points in stores. As Christmas approaches, there are often charities encouraging donations to these causes, so keep your eyes peeled.


2. Shoe store or trash can - recycle parts

If you also can't find a store or address that sends flip flops, you might be able to find a shoe store. These banks will often donate your flip flops as described above or recycle them into a completely different product! You'll find these in large parking lots, supermarkets, and some recycling centers. Make sure to tie them together or they won't come apart.

Create something new with your old flip flops. If you have kids, cut them into shapes to make paint stamps, pair them with some old mugs or pots to make some hanging flowers, as she sees them, or replace the worn ones with some fabric straps Strap! There are hundreds of ideas to draw inspiration from.

These are the best ways to help prevent your old flip-flops from ending up in a landfill or ocean!

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