How to deal with shoes oxidized, three ways to make shoes look new?
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How to deal with shoes oxidized, three ways to make shoes look new?

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1. Use deoxidizer: Deoxidizer is the best way to deal with shoe oxidation, but deoxidizer is only suitable for white shoes. If it is not white shoes, it may cause other color materials to fade. When using deoxidizer to treat shoes, you only need to evenly apply the deoxidizer on the white sole, then leave it for 6-8 hours, and then wash the shoes with clean water to achieve the effect of removing oxidation.

2. Use hydrogen peroxide: The effects of hydrogen peroxide and deoxidizer are basically the same. Shoes oxidation can be bleached with hydrogen peroxide, but generally do not use higher concentration, medical hydrogen peroxide is fine. When using it, you only need to dip a toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide and scrub the part of the shoes. If you are afraid that the hydrogen peroxide will hurt your hands, you can wear plastic gloves.


3. Use beer: Beer has a variety of active substances, which can also help prevent oxidation of shoes, but it is generally not as good as deoxidizer and hydrogen peroxide. When using beer to deoxidize, you can pour the beer into a small basin, and then put the shoes in the soak for a period of time, usually 10-30 minutes, clean the invaded shoes, wrap a layer of toilet paper on the surface, and dry it. That's it.

Generally, shoes may oxidize after being worn for a long time. So what is the reason? In fact, shoes are oxidized because the shoes will break and turn yellow under the sun's rays. In addition, oxygen in the air can also cause rubber aging. The reason for the yellowing of the shoe surface is actually that the detergent is attached to the shoe surface, and the alkaline substance in the detergent is oxidized under sunlight, so it turns yellow.

In order to prevent oxidation of the shoes, when storing the shoes, we must first prevent moisture. When storing the shoes, we can pack the shoes in a plastic bag for storage. You can also put some desiccant and moisture-proof paper to facilitate the isolation and contact of the shoes with the air.


Secondly, we must put an end to sunlight, because the bottom of the shoes is made of rubber. Long-term exposure to the sun will cause yellowing and oxidation due to the influence of ultraviolet rays. When storing shoes, they should be stored in a cool place. In addition, they should be stored in a cool place. When drying, it should also be air-dried naturally, not in the sun.

Finally, pay attention to the cleaning of shoes. After washing the shoes with laundry detergent or washing powder, you should also use water to clean the detergent residue on it in time, because the detergent residue on it will be deteriorated by sunlight. As a result, yellowing occurs. White toilet paper can also be used to wrap the shoes when drying the shoes, which can also play a good role in adsorbing residual detergent and stolen goods.

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