How to choose year-round comfortable sandals for women?
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How to choose year-round comfortable sandals for women?

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According to researchers at the University of Kansas, people can guess about 90 percent of a person's personality traits by looking at their shoes.

That's a lot of stress for one shoe! That's why it's so important that your favorite shoes are comfortable and stylish.

No matter the time of year, women's comfortable sandals are in high demand. All-season women's sandals are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe because you never know when you'll need a great pair of shoes that support your feet. 

Not every pair of sandals is the same. How do you know what to look for when you're shopping for women's sandals? 

1. Consider the mix and variety

One thing to consider when shopping for women's sandals is how often you can wear them. 

Shopping for unique and trendy sandals or heels is fun, but these are the shoes you save for a special occasion or for a specific outfit. Leopard-print sandals may sound like fun, and they are, but they may not be worn every day. 

When it comes to a pair of shoes that can be worn no matter the season, sticking to classic colors and styles is key. This way, you'll have a wider variety of clothes that you can wear with your shoes. No matter what your style is, they will match most of your wardrobe. 

2. Material issues

When you wear sandals, what material your sandals are made of makes a world of difference. Comfortable shoes are essential for year-round wear resistance. After all, no one wants to spend too much time wearing uncomfortable shoes. 


Too many sandals are made of flat, inexpensive materials that do nothing to support the foot and create comfortable women's sandals. Wearing flat shoes can put pressure on the inside of the knee or cause problems like hammer toe, which can affect the joints around the toes. 

If you're concerned about orthopaedics, take the time to find shoes that use special materials to ensure your entire foot is supported. Shop for comfortable women's sandals that support your feet while staying stylish. Your feet will thank you and you can walk all day without hurting them.

3. Find the right candidates

Similar to finding shoes made of good materials, it's important to find the right shoes for you when choosing shoes you'll be wearing on a regular basis.

You might think that something as simple as a sandal means size doesn't matter as much as a closed-toe shoe. But you are wrong! 

Sandals that are too big, even just a little, can be very uncomfortable, and you can't get through the day without tripping over your own feet. Wearing sandals that are too large will also allow any straps or ties to rub against your toes or feet all day. This friction can irritate your skin and cause blisters or cuts on your feet. Not to mention how difficult it would be to walk all day. 

Sandals that are too small can also be problematic and uncomfortable. Wearing shoes that are smaller than your feet can make walking difficult, so keep your balance while walking.

It can also cause flat feet, numbness, inflammation, or pain in the heel or ball of the foot. 

Any straps on your shoes can pierce or rub against your skin and create cuts and blisters on the tops of your feet or between your toes. 

If you find your favorite shoe doesn't fit, skip it. Your feet will be happier if they are the right size.

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