How to choose the right shoes?
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How to choose the right shoes?

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When buying shoes, you need to consider more than just fashion. Shoes that are too tight can cause blood circulation problems, ingrown nails, or curved fingers. We often buy shoes and only look at the appearance. The appearance and fashion of the shoes are very important to us. However, we should choose our shoes carefully, because our health depends on what shoes we wear.

According to the New York Times, approximately 75% of Americans will have to deal with foot pain at some point in their lives. The feet are under a lot of pressure all day long.

Low-quality or inappropriate shoes can cause annoying problems, such as calluses. In addition, they can cause more serious problems such as veins, joints, muscles and even spinal diseases. Therefore, before buying, please make sure that the length and width of the shoes are appropriate.


Don't buy shoes in the morning: your legs will be slightly swollen at night, and the shoes you bought in the morning may feel tight. Make sure that the size of the shoe fits perfectly: it fits tightly to your foot, but does not squeeze it. Shoes that are too tight can cause blood circulation problems, ingrown nails, or curved fingers. It is also not recommended to wear loose shoes, because they will constantly put pressure on the leg muscles.

Experts recommend trying on both pairs of shoes when trying on. Standing in the shoe, gently press the top of the shoe to make sure there is about half an inch between the longest toe and the end of the shoe. This provides enough space for your feet to press forward while walking. Swing your toes to make sure there is enough space. Walk around in shoes to determine how they feel.

Choose shoes with sufficiently flexible and soft insoles. Bend the shoes. The insole of high-quality shoes is easy to bend, and the upper will not deform too much. The best choice for everyday wear is shoes with small, wide heels.


Shoe materials also play an important role in choosing a pair. Shoes made of natural materials allow the skin of your feet to breathe in any season. We recommend shoes made of grain leather, nubuck and suede. Shoes made of artificial leather can be harmful to health, especially if they are summer shoes. Temperature fluctuations cause the various chemical components of this material to interact with the skin of the feet. In addition, artificial leather shoes do not allow air to circulate. As a result, you may get diaper rash or fungal disease. If you still buy shoes made of man-made materials, make sure that at least the lining is made of grained leather or textiles. Also pay attention to the material of the insole. Ideally, it should absorb unpleasant odors, remove moisture and kill bacteria.

Different shoes are suitable for different activities. The important thing is that you understand your lifestyle and choose shoes that suit it.

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