How to choose summer sandals? Try lazy sandals and slippers, cool and comfortable, not tired of shopping
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How to choose summer sandals? Try lazy sandals and slippers, cool and comfortable, not tired of shopping

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It's not an exaggeration to describe girls' summer dresses as a dazzling array. Take sandals as an example. The styles are so large that the number of people can't even count. How to choose summer sandals? You can try the lazy style sandals and slippers, which are cool and comfortable for shopping, especially suitable for wearing in daily life.

Classic styles of summer sandals and slippers

Style①: Flat sandals and slippers

Flat-bottomed sandals and slippers are the most common sandals in summer. They have a flat-bottomed design that can relax their feet completely. They are especially suitable for girls who often wear high heels. The laces of flat sandals and slippers are usually designed with a wide band, which increases stability and comfort, and is especially suitable for girls with wide soles. When choosing flat-bottomed sandals and slippers, the simple style works best, and the color can be black and white. The versatile effect is the best.


Style ②: plush sandals and slippers

Furry sandals and slippers are also very popular among girls. The shoelaces are also designed with wide bands and decorated with animal fur, which increases the fashionable effect and laziness. Maomao sandals and slippers are mostly flat-heeled design, which has a better wearing experience. Fluffy sandals and slippers are the favorite of girls who follow fashion trends or create fashionable temperament, which can better show their individual charm.

Style ③: Crystal high-heel sandals and slippers

Crystal high-heeled sandals are a kind of sandals that have been very popular in summer in the past two years. The laces made of transparent PVC material can be worn with a barefoot effect and make the legs look more slender. The heel is designed with transparent crystal. The overall shape gives people the greatest feeling of coolness and fashion. It can be used in all kinds of summer clothes and has a very strong sense of fashion. It is no wonder that it will be favored by girls.

Style ④: canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are not slippers, but a kind of casual shoes with a sporty atmosphere, but some fashionable girls wear canvas shoes with the effect of slippers, and this way of wearing has also been recognized by everyone. Wearing canvas shoes as slippers has gradually evolved into a fashion trend with a very strong lazy atmosphere. Perhaps only the wearer can experience the comfort of stretching and contracting freely.


Style ⑤: Muller shoes

Muller shoes are a kind of retro-style shoes. Muller shoes were originally a kind of indoor etiquette shoes. The design of the exposed heel brings a very high level of comfort. With the development of fashion trends, the style of Muller shoes has undergone great changes, but the design of the exposed heel has not changed. In the hot summer, choose a stylish and beautiful flat-heeled Muller shoes, not only as a daily wear, but also can be worn to work, because Mullers are the only slippers that can be worn at work.

Style ⑥: Flip flops

Flip-flops have always been a kind of sandals that young people love very much, symbolizing fashion and freedom. The flip-flops make the sound of kicking and pedaling, which makes people feel casual and comfortable, and when used with clothing, they can also create a lazy fashion atmosphere. Flip-flops are not suitable for long-term wear and can cause joint pain and other foot diseases. However, as a sandal for daily shopping, flip-flops are very suitable.

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