Flip-flop guide: how to clean flip-flops?
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Flip-flop guide: how to clean flip-flops?

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1. Rubber flip flops

Use baking soda to clean your flip flops under warm water. Sprinkle with baking soda and let stand for at least 5-10 minutes. Brush them all with an old toothbrush. Rinse with water and dry in a cool place (the strong direct sunlight will actually melt and deform the rubber flip flops).

Or put your dirty slippers in a washable mesh bag and throw them into the washing machine. Set the machine to the gentlest setting and use only cold water. Add a very small amount of detergent (or nothing) and click "Start". When they cycle, remove them from the washing machine and air dry. Do not use a dryer, nor place it directly in the sun.


Use deep cleansing methods

Soak the flip flops in a warm (not hot) soap solution for at least two hours, use a more abrasive brush cleaner to remove stubborn stains, and then rinse with a hose. Let them air dry.

2. Suede flip flops

Use a suede brush. It is specifically designed to provide a gentle way to clean the suede of suede flip flops. Before you try to clean your shoes, make sure your shoes are completely dry to avoid leaving traces of wear. Keeping all brush strokes in one direction, gently lift the fluff and remove any layered dirt trapped deep in the fiber.

Use a pencil or a decontamination eraser to remove the dirt that has penetrated. Use a pencil/decontamination eraser to rub on the affected area and apply pressure until the stain is completely gone.

Use a razor. This will help restore the smooth texture of suede flip flops. But be careful not to spoil your flop.

Spray the suede protector spray so that they will not get too dirty the next time you wear them and the cleaning process will be easier in the future.


3.Leather flip flops

Wipe away visible dirt and debris with a soft damp cloth (not soaked in). Use a dry soft cloth or an old toothbrush to avoid leaving permanent marks on your leather flip flops.

Apply leather cleaner or saddle soap on a damp towel. Use a gentle wiping motion on the affected area.

Use a different damp cloth to wipe off the foam generated during the washing process. Make sure to introduce as little moisture as possible when doing this.

This is the guide for keeping the flip flops clean.

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