Do right life: fall in love with flip-flops
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Do right life: fall in love with flip-flops

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As we enter the fall, we are getting closer and closer to the winter, but we have not yet fully arrived there. The trees change color with the passing of the seasons, and the spirit of summer continues to live in my heart and in my room. The proud reminder of my favorite season is my pair of rainbow-colored white flip-flops. It is placed at the foot of my bed and reminds me of the beach every morning when I wake up. Now, from the moment I open my eyes every morning, this is life.

Fortunately, you don't need to wait until summer to get out your flip-flops! You can wear them all year round. When autumn comes, people usually think of Thanksgiving, scarves, and the smell of turkey, fillings and delicious pumpkin pie in the kitchen. The beautiful season actually means more.

Every year, it starts at the autumnal equinox, where the celestial equator (the annual path of the sun) intersects the earth's equator. Due to this natural phenomenon, the equinoxes are equal in length. This happens only twice a year.


How can you fall in love with flip flops this fall?

1. Keep balance with the earth

Try to think of the flip-flops as a person. He will have an enviable work-life balance. Flip-flops just have a relaxed, carefree and easy-going atmosphere. If I were a shoe, I would like to be a flip-flop. Loafers are very stuffy. Running shoes are too hard. High heels are too hurtful. Flip-flops are just...balanced. They have sufficient functions without any decoration. Find your favorite pair in our flip-flop comments.

Let your flip flops be your personal calm reminder. You have been working hard for the first three quarters of this year, and now it's time to relax. Take it easy, put on your flip-flops, and remember to take it easy!

2. Comfortable

In the animal kingdom, autumn is the time to prepare for winter. Animals begin to store food in preparation for hibernation. Farmers collect crop reserves during the autumn harvest. Following the same pattern, we are all desperate for comfort and protection at this time of the year.

In the modern world, this means going out less and staying at home more. For those who like to eat like me, this is also a good excuse to hoard food and stay comfortable.

Autumn is the best time to live at home. Now is the best time to retreat to a safe haven. It's time to hug with hot tea, a good book or your favorite show, and your favorite flip-flops. There is nothing better than this to explain the comfort of the family.

When you are ready to enter hibernation mode, take off your shoes and spin your flip-flops as your fall home uniform. After being trapped in shoes all day, this will give your feet some well-deserved relaxation.


3. Flip-flop therapy!

Flip-flops help a lot because they are great for wearing outdoors, so you can easily feel the ground while protecting your feet! They are the only footwear that allows you to go out and practice grounding-a therapeutic technique that helps ground the negatively charged energy of your body. You usually do this by stepping barefoot on the ground somewhere in nature.

This idea sounds good, but if you are in a city, walking through dirty streets or commuting barefoot to get off work does not seem too exciting. This is where the flip flops come in! They are light weight and easy to use, allowing your feet to feel freely what is right for you. Now I will totally fall in love with it!

4. Use flip flops for visualization

Flip-flops bring back strong memories of summer. The little gesture of putting on my favorite pearl white flip flops immediately reminded me of the beach. What is your favorite flip flop with you on vacation?

When we are trapped at home, whenever you wear them, it is a good little exercise to imagine that beach. Drag your favorite flip-flops to different rooms around your house. Put them on each time, close your eyes, and imagine your favorite sunny tropical resort.

This is a simple and effective way to break the tedious daily family life. This is a way of time travel and teleportation to exotic islands for vacation, right in the comfort of your home!

I hope this inspires you to fall in love with flip flops. With some imagination and creativity, I know you will love them as much as we do.

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