Can someone wear slippers for formal events?
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Can someone wear slippers for formal events?

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It is an understatement to say that slippers have become more than just shoes at home. In the past few years, we have seen slippers become more and more common to us, and we even use them during outdoor activities such as shopping or holidays.

The dramatic increase in the popularity of slippers has caused a lot of controversy. One of the questions that people can hear is about the limits of slippers. Are they suitable for formal occasions? Does it violate the dress code?

The answer to the first question is no. Even though slippers are very comfortable shoes, they are not shoes for formal occasions such as weddings or evening parties. Such activities usually have very strict dress codes, even if some women wear ballerinas (for health or comfort), they cannot wear slippers.


Some luxury slippers do exist, and we have seen some men use them at large events. This type of slippers can be used because they use high-quality materials and overall appearance, but it is more suitable for those who want to try their own look and wear something different from the classic tuxedo and leather shoes.

If you must dress for formal events and stick to the classic choices, men's tuxedos and women's long skirts are always a good choice. For men who want to try and take risks, wearing luxurious slippers with a suit is a bold choice. Only if you choose the right pair of slippers and you have enough confidence, it will succeed.

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