Beach sandals: protect your feet from the sun, beach and surf
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Beach sandals: protect your feet from the sun, beach and surf

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Beach and surfIt's summer, and the ideal time of the year is to throw off your formal shoes and put on comfortable beach sandals. After all, work is stressful and you should be away from the office for a day (or a week), so why not relax in the tropics? However, although most of your worries can stay under the sand, you should still keep your feet in mind.

The service life of beach sandals is not the longest. In fact, they are usually the fastest to leave the closet compared to your other shoes. However, they did play an important role in the months of their existence.

Choosing a suitable pair of beach sandals helps ensure that you do not bring other problems home. We have broken down the environmental irritants on the beach, which can damage your sensitive feet and beach shoes. So, the beach is your destination this summer.

The beach is beautiful, but there are some risks that are not so beautiful to consider. Fortunately, being aware of these risks will help you improve the health of your feet.


1. The sun

First of all, if you are not careful, the scorching sun can easily cause burns. Don't forget that applying sunscreen on your face and arms is easy, but your feet may be harder to remember. But what is relevant is that they are not unprotected. In fact, the skin on your feet may be one of your most sensitive parts.

Think about it, your feet are protected by dress shoes or sports shoes day after day. On the beach, sandals can only do so much. When you are tanning, apply sunscreen on the top and bottom of your feet to prevent the sun from damaging the soles of your feet.

2. Sand

Unfortunately, the sun is not the only thing on the beach that will burn your feet. Resha is also the culprit. Unlike the sun, your sandals can help you resist sand.

This is especially useful considering the irritants lurking in hot grains. From sharp shells and trash to harmful chemicals and pollutants that wash up the shore from the water, sand can become a sinkhole for infectious materials. We are sure that you do not want to get bacterial infections and athlete's foot during tropical holidays. Therefore, your sandals provide the necessary barrier between the sand and your feet.


3. Surf

Although you usually don't wear beach shoes when riding the wind and waves, you may want to consider buying some water shoes. Surfers will encounter hoarse surfboards at their feet, and swimmers must avoid foot enemies such as rocks and shells in addition to jellyfish and stingrays.

Contrary to popular belief, if the jellyfish does sting your feet, don't find a friend to pee on it. A better solution is to rinse with vinegar before pulling out the tentacles with tweezers. Cold water and rubbing the area will make the situation worse.

On the other hand, if a stingray stabbed your foot, pulling the barb out of the salt water will help disinfect the wound. The pain is usually strongest in the first 90 minutes. Finding extremely hot water immediately will help relieve pain and remove venom.

Now that you know how your sandals work on the beach, it is important to choose a pair of real flip-flop shoes.

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