Are wooden clogs good for your feet? How clogs help plantar fasciitis
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Are wooden clogs good for your feet? How clogs help plantar fasciitis

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Are wooden clogs good for your feet? How clogs help plantar fasciitis.

Clogs have a long history as protective shoes. Because of their durable structure, they are worn in agriculture, factories and mines. Although modern clogs design emphasizes fashion and avant-garde trends and details, traditional clogs manufacturers understand that the original shape is iconic for a reason. Here, form satisfies function and comfort are outstanding features.


Are wooden clogs good for your feet? When criteria other than employment or fashion become a factor when choosing footwear, and other considerations come into play-such as plantar fasciitis and heel pain-clogs provide more support than other footwear options And comfort.

What is plantar fasciitis? The plantar fascia is a band of connective tissue that runs along the sole of the foot from the heel to the toe. Fascia helps maintain the integrity of the arch, provides natural shock absorption, and plays an important role in the normal mechanical function of the foot. Plantar fasciitis is related to pain located on the heel toward the inside of the foot.


Are clogs good for plantar fasciitis? For a long time, clogs have been considered an ideal choice for those who deal with the pain of plantar fasciitis. It can strengthen the natural arch of the foot and maintain the correct alignment of the foot. Traditional clogs use a closed toe design, the shape of the sole fits your feet, while providing support and comfort that many other styles do not have. It is especially important for people who work with their feet for a long time. Clogs help to provide good shock absorption for both feet. These are also an important part of the treatment of plantar fasciitis.

When choosing a pair of clogs for plantar fasciitis, it is important to consider a style with a closed toe design. Ories offers a variety of low-heeled clogs to potentially reduce the pressure on the fascia, such as Tokyo clogs. Tokyo clogs can be aligned with the foot bed, and the supporting wooden base helps reduce the pressure on the arch of the foot. By promoting the normal function of the foot, a pair of well-made clogs can potentially relieve plantar fasciitis.

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