8 common questions about flip flops
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8 common questions about flip flops

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1. What are flip flops?

All flip flops are sandals, but not all sandals are flip flops. Although both are open-toed shoes, they are usually related to the outdoor and summer atmosphere.

2. How to relieve the discomfort behind the toes?

The toe post is the point between the big toe and the second toe, which drives some people crazy. If you are a lifelong fan of flip flops, then you have two options to prevent pain from friction between your toes: look for flip flops with memory foam toe caps or choose slide-in flip flops.


3. Are there any flip flops that do not slip when wet?

Traction is an important consideration when choosing flip flops, which is why it is one of the six key criteria we consider when reviewing flip flops. Since flip flops come in different designs and materials, it is important to consider where and under what conditions you will wear flip flops. Some are great on all surfaces, while others should be equipped with a helmet to protect against wet surfaces. Traction is important.

4. Can I immerse the flip flops in the water?

Like most things in life, it depends. Most flip-flops are good for water, but flip-flops made entirely of rubber or rubber with canvas straps work best. Leather flip-flops may splash, but they can be damaged if soaked, especially in salt water, so it is best to put them on the beach or pool side and away from the waves.

5. How can I be sure that the size of the flip-flop I purchased is correct?

This can be tricky, and this is why we provide a fit rating for all the flip flops we review. Since the size of flip-flops varies from brand to brand, be sure to check the fit level. If they don’t fit well, you can usually replace them with the correct size.

6. Why do some flip flops squeeze and become thinner?

One word: plastic. Many flip flops made of synthetic plastic are used out of the box, but often have a certain shelf life. They will be fine until they are not and you experience a catastrophic trigger failure. You will never really know until you know that lightweight foam rubber flip flops tend to fail faster than high quality rubber and plastic flip flops.


7. Are flip-flops harmful to my feet?

The short answer is no, they are not. However, as with any unfit footwear, poorly constructed and often shoddy flip flops are of no avail. If you have potential foot problems, please consult your friendly podiatrist to help find the best pair for you. The issues to be aware of are arch support, shoulder girdle gaps (too much can cause curled toes and foot pain) and blisters. If you are not familiar with flip-flops, wear them in small doses at first and increase as they shape and break in on your feet.

8. Can flip-flops wear socks?

Well, you can, but that doesn't mean you should. Flip-flops seem to be the least need to wear socks at home, but this is your choice.

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