6 tips to make your feet healthier in summer
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6 tips to make your feet healthier in summer

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The summer is in full swing, which means spending more time on the outdoor beach, swimming pool, or just relaxing in the sun, with a panoramic view of your feet so that everyone can see. Most people expect the weather to be warm enough to throw away their heavy winter boots and wear comfortable and cute summer flip flops instead. Many people don't think about foot health until they have to go barefoot to the public or their feet start to cause pain. Your feet have a great responsibility-they support the weight of our body and help us get where we want to go. In fact, a person walks an average of 110,000 miles in his lifetime, which is equivalent to walking around the earth five times! When you look at it this way, it's understandable why you should put foot health in the first place.

So, what is the best way to make your cuties happy? Here are just some ideas.


1. Stay hydrated

You must have heard that drinking enough water is a necessary condition for staying healthy. Based on everything you see on social media, health magazines, or diet websites, it seems that the more water you drink, the better. Although it is technically possible to drink too much water, most people will benefit from drinking too much water. Water is not only important for overall health, but adequate water can also prevent many foot problems. You may have experienced pain associated with wearing shoes that are too tight. Drinking water can help improve blood circulation and reduce swelling, allowing you to continue walking without feeling your shoes shrinking.

Water also helps to expel uric acid from your system-the cause of a painful disease called gout, which can cause very painful, swollen joints, and often affects the big toe. If this is not enough to be a reason to drink more water, then you should also know that it can help you avoid cramps in your feet and legs, and even keep your toenails beautiful.

2. Don't be barefoot in public areas

If you can't wait to take off your shoes, you may be happy to walk barefoot all summer. But you should be careful-not wearing shoes in public areas on the beach or swimming pool may put you at risk of infections with viruses, bacterial infections and warts. Once you have one of these nasty diseases, it is difficult to get rid of it-your barefoot days will be gone forever, until you do.

If athlete's foot or plantar warts do not get you, sharp objects and foreign bodies may get you. Without foot protection, items such as glass and shards can get into your feet more easily.

3. Prevent and treat dry and cracked heels

Dry high heels not only look ugly, they can also crack if left untreated. Once this happens, you not only have to endure the pain, but also the risk of infection. This is why it is so important to care for dry heels before they become a real problem.

Remember, the cause of a cracked heel is not just general dryness. They can also be attributed to fungi, vitamin deficiencies, or other underlying health conditions. If you often experience cracked heel problems, it is best to consult your doctor.


4. Don't forget sun protection!

Sunscreen... on your feet? this is correct! In summer, your feet are likely to be exposed to the sun for the first time in months. This makes them more susceptible to sunburn, and more susceptible to sunburn than any other part of your body. Therefore, before going out, don't forget to apply sunscreen on your face, arms, legs and insteps.

5. Keep your feet clean and dry

To the pool or the beach? Don't forget to bring your summer flip flops. Wet your feet and then wear tennis shoes or other tight-fitting shoes, which will only allow moisture to stay inside and allow bacteria and fungi to grow. Want to prevent this from happening? Always make sure that your feet are kept clean and dry. If you get your feet wet, be sure to wear flip-flops!

6. Wear shoes with sufficient support

One of the best things you can do for your feet throughout the year is to wear comfortable shoes and have enough support. If it sounds like you are trapped in less fashionable or even very ugly shoes, then you don't have to worry, we have created orthopedic flip-flops that not only make your feet feel good, but also look fashionable.

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