6 interesting things about slippers
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6 interesting things about slippers

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Slippers are part of our daily life. When we want to give our feet the rest we deserve, we wear them when we are at home. Considering that they are so common to us, people may tend to think that slippers may not hide any secrets from us.

Today we decided to summarize some interesting little knowledge about slippers to prove that even these ordinary but important shoes in our daily life have many interesting things behind their history.


There are special slippers for going to the toilet in Japan. You can find it in private houses as well as hotels and restaurants. One very important thing, once you leave the bathroom, remember to leave them where they are. For Japanese, there is nothing more scary than walking into the room wearing bathroom slippers.

1. The most famous slippers in the world, the red slippers worn by Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz" were sold at an auction in 2000 for $660.000.

2. The word slippers can be traced back to 1478. It first appeared in English dictionaries, but it is also considered a verb. This means that slippers are at least 538 years old!

3. Slippers and exams: The most successful test taker ever (70 O-levels, 16 A-levels, and 1 S-level) claimed that a large part of his success was attributed to his slippers. Why? Because it is important to be able to do your best to feel at ease.


4. Slippers: Some of you may have heard of Slippers. As of June 2007, Van der Rein has entered the Guinness Book of World Records wearing slippers for 23 consecutive years.

5. Monster slippers: In 2011, when Tom Boddingham ordered a pair of slippers, he made a mistake when placing decimal numbers. We received a 7-foot-tall slippers at home. British newspapers made headlines as a result, but when Twitter followers managed to prove that this was a public relations stunt for the company, it was all over.

6. The most expensive slippers: The most expensive shoe in the world is indeed a slippers with 1,400 white diamonds. They cost about US$2 million and were produced for the TV presenter Nick Cannon (Nick Cannon), also known as Mariah Carey's ex-husband.

As you can see, slippers are a box full of surprises. Do you know other interesting little knowledge about slippers?

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