5 tips for choosing the best marine sandals
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5 tips for choosing the best marine sandals

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If you are rowing, you need the right shoes, but how do you choose? This guide lists 5 tips for choosing the best marine sandals.

According to the report, an estimated 142 American men, women and children go boating for leisure. Among them, 17 million is the first rowing!

Whether you are a novice or an experienced rower, you probably know that your shoes can make or break your experience. Most rowers find that they are most fortunate to wear sandals instead of open-toed shoes. We have a good guide that can help you find the perfect boat shoe for you. Read on for our five best tips to help you find the right shoes for your boating!


1. Find the right price

The truth is that finding the right marine sandals means finding the perfect price point. In other words, you don't want to sacrifice quality for low cost, otherwise your marine sandals may wear out quickly. At the same time, you don't want to spend a lot of money on a pair of shoes that will go in and out of lake or sea water.

Ories offers great value discounts with outstanding design. We will not ask you to give up style, comfort or design at a reasonable price.

2. Waterproof

Even if you are not going to dive, you will want marine sandals made of waterproof materials. When you row, you can never guarantee 100% dryness, even if the water is flat and calm.

If you can't find sandals made of waterproof material, don't worry. You can use some methods and products to help your sandals resist moisture. In addition, it's best to know that if you need to go into the water for any reason, your shoes will stand the test.


3. The sole is non-slip

Between the bottom of the boat and the pier, you are likely to move around on some wet surfaces. Make sure that the soles of the sandals have a good grip to avoid slipping.

Rubber-soled shoes are often the most non-slip. In fact, fragile soles are not good marine sandals.

Whether you are exploring the water or walking on the deck, protection is important. Remember, you are in the territory of the fishermen, which means that there may be no one paying attention to the scattered hooks. You need a shoe that can withstand the impact of any unpleasant objects under your feet so that your feet won't pay for it.

4. Remember comfort

If you are going to open water, you will most likely stay there for a few hours! When you wear the same pair of shoes for a long time, comfort is the key.

When it comes to marine sandals, what does comfort mean?

First, you need to make sure that your shoes fit and are safe. You don't want boat sandals to squeeze your feet or fall into the water the moment you walk from the dock to the boat.

In addition, you want something that won't rub, especially when it's wet. Some shoes feel good when dry, but can cause calluses and other discomforts when soaked. If you are buying sandals with straps or thongs, make sure the material is soft or spongy, not rubbery or itchy.

Finally, make sure you can kick them away immediately! Boating is to relax in the sun. Sometimes, you just want to take off your shoes and feel the cool water and warm sunshine.

5. Consider the purpose

Not all boat shoes have the same purpose, because not every rower has the same intention!

When you go out on a boat, what is your overall destination? Are you drifting around before returning home to the pier? Is there a place where you plan to anchor and hike?

Make sure your boat sandals are suitable for every step of your boat trip. For example, a pair of sturdy flip flops are perfect for spending an afternoon on a yacht. However, if your plan is to hike four miles around the lake, they may not be that hot!

Some rowers find that they like to bring two pairs of shoes: one for water and one for land. If you prefer to wear fishing flip flops on the boat and a pair of hiking boats on land, that is always an option!

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