Why are the slippers you bought smelly?
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Why are the slippers you bought smelly?

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Some people's slippers turned black and smelly within a few days after buying them. Many people thought it was their own problem, but they went to the hospital for an examination to no avail... In fact, you are wrong! The more smelly the slippers are, it is not your foot odor at all, but the real culprit is the pair of slippers on your feet! So why did the slippers start to smell after not wearing them for a long time?


Most people have been wearing plastic slippers so far. Plastic slippers are made of PVC. This kind of material usually has a strong odor when you get it, and the upper feet are obviously sticky. The feet feel hard and the soles are not slippery enough. Wearing time It doesn't take too long to crack or even break the bottom. The gap after the cracked and broken bottom is like a bacterial petri dish, which breeds a large number of bacteria, causing the slippers to turn black and smelly. Once this happens, it is almost impossible to clean the slippers. It can be seen that the stench of your slippers may not be because of your smelly feet, but because you did not choose the right slippers!

So what kind of slippers can avoid this phenomenon?

First of all, we can try to avoid using PVC slippers. PVC itself is a safe chemical, but it will decompose rapidly in a high temperature environment, volatilizing an unpleasant chemical smell, which can irritate people's eyes and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. May cause headache, nausea, skin irritation and other symptoms. Because the material is too hard, mold and bacteria will grow in the gaps of the cracked shoe body. If you wear it for too long or the temperature rises, these fungi will multiply and produce alcohol and lipid substances, which will start to turn black and smelly.


In addition to PVC slippers, now more quality-oriented slippers brands have begun to use EVA materials to make slippers. EVA biodegradable environmental protection material, the shoe body made of this material is very light and has no peculiar smell, but the EVA material is not resistant to high temperature, so it is necessary to avoid sunlight exposure as much as possible, otherwise the shoe body will easily shrink. The slippers made of this material have dense pores, and water molecules can hardly enter the gaps. Therefore, even if you are prone to sweating, wearing them for a long time will not cause the slippers to turn black and smelly, which can well solve the problems caused by PVC. .

EVA material slippers are relatively light, moderate softness, wear-resistant and non-slip, and the air-blown material is obviously heavier. Plastic slippers have a smooth surface, stiff material, and low comfort. Both air and plastic materials are acceptable. At present, there are mainly several materials for sandals and slippers on the market: EVA material, blown material, plastic material and foam material. EVA material slippers are relatively light, moderate softness, wear-resistant and non-slip, and many bottoms are also made of EVA material. Slippers made of blown material are significantly heavier than EVA slippers, but softer than EVA shoes and very comfortable to wear. The easiest way to distinguish is that the heavier ones are air-blown slippers, and the lighter ones are EVA slippers. The plastic slippers in the slippers fabric are smooth and bright, and they are stiffer than other slippers. Its material is often the same as that of plastic basins and buckets. The foam material we are talking about is actually the PVC material of slippers. Because foam slippers are cheap, the price is very cheap and easy to sell, but the quality is the worst among all slippers. Foam slippers have gone out of the mainstream. Foam slippers are easy to distinguish. The most direct thing is that they are very light in weight. Pressing the soles with your hands will easily dent them. In addition, we often have slipper fabrics in household slippers, which are generally made of cotton or linen. Slippers are divided into four types: EVA material, blown material, plastic material and foam material. EVA material slippers are relatively light, moderate softness, wear-resistant and non-slip, blown material is obviously heavier, and plastic slippers have smooth surface, stiff material and higher comfort Low, although foam slippers are cheap, their quality is poor, so you can choose EVA material, blown material, or plastic material.


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