What is the difference between flip-flops and slippers?
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What is the difference between flip-flops and slippers?

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In terms of appearance, flip-flops are different from ordinary slippers in that the upper is just two straps instead of a large surface, and the sole is relatively smaller, which can highlight the feeling of "waist" on the front and back of the feet, because the flip-flops Flip-flops are more heel-like, so there is such a design, and because of this, flip-flops are less easy to get rid of than ordinary slippers, and are more suitable for outdoor activities. The visual difference brought by this thin shoelace seems not obvious. In fact, on women’s sandals, the contrast is very obvious. The thin strap is more sexy and fashionable than the wide one. Flip-flops are integrated with contrasting colors, beads Ornaments, broken diamonds, printing, rivets, stripes and other popular elements are very fashionable and individual, and they are out-and-out summer fashion items.


For the loyal lovers of flip flops, they like flip flops because they are light and don't put too much weight on the feet. The other is that the flip-flops have strong air permeability, emit temperature quickly, and are not easy to produce peculiar smell. Moreover, the flip-flops are beautiful. Compared with the rectangular shape of ordinary slippers, the flip-flops are more streamlined, which makes people look comfortable.


However, compared with flip-flops, slippers are more comfortable. After all, wearing flip-flops for a long time has the risk of becoming "inner character". Although flip-flops are cool and convenient, wearing them for a long time may cause foot pain. Girls also have There may be a little "inner horoscope". In short, don't choose flip-flops for serious occasions. Wearing flip-flops all day will also cause foot pain.


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